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  1. actually the 86 Yankees were a pretty good team and if there was a wild card then they could have won the WS. Ron Guidry, Bob Tueksberry(sp?), Joe Neikro, Tommy John, Doug Drabeck and I believe Rassmusen. Rags to close it out Donny, Mike Easler, Pags, Griffey, Pasqua, Winfield, Ricky and Willy. They weren the best Yankee team, but they were not a bad team by any means.
  2. toss up between 27 and 98. either team was unbeatable are are the best teams in the history of baseball..any franchise
  3. Dotel had corrective surgery to repair a weakness in his tendon, not a tear. The tendon used that was taken from his leg was so big Dr Andrews was able to wrap it around his elbow 3 times. He should be great come June.
  4. he is not as good defensively in cf nor is he as good of a hitter. And in giving up one of the best prospects in the game for him, I wouldnt exactly say it didnt cost you anything. Plus when it comes to teams like the Yankees and Sox, money is no object. Im not saying Coco wont be good, he most likely will be very good. But he is not as good as Damon in every aspect of his game. Now 3 years from now, it might be a different story, but as of right now Damon is the better player. But that wont matter to the Yankees as they have 4 very good cf prospects.
  5. my two cents..Johnny Damon is a all around better hitter, better leadoff hitter and better centerfielder than Coco Crisp. Not to mention all the intangibles he brought to the team. The Red Sox made a mistake not resigning him. Crisp is a good player, but he is not as good as Damon. These are just the facts
  6. no big deal at all. he is confident in his teamates and Ill Philip Hughes is that good. He is an extremely talented young pitcher. Now calling him Roger Clemens is a stretch, but the kid is very good. He's only 19 years old. RJ is going to have a monster seasson 22-6 3.15 ERA
  7. Iracist is out of his fucking mind. I guess he plans on screwing Dolan right before he gets fired. Ill tell you one thing, the knocks will now set records for 3 second violations. They should average at least 7 a night with Rose, Marbury and Fancis on the floor. Poor Eddy Curry will be stranded in the pain awaiting the pass he will never recieve while the whistles blow for the 3 second vilolation. I hear Iracist is going to have a deal worked out with Dever to bring in K Mart before the day is through. Great, adding over 100 mil in salary in just a few hours. Fuck you Iracist
  8. I guess Ozzie never got this memo YOU WERE A CAREER 260 HITTER WHO NEVER WON SHIT, SHUT THE FUCK UP
  9. The Yanks have the best line up in baseball. They have good starting pitching, not great, but good and they have more depth than you think. Henn, DeSalvo, Rasner and DePaula can all be called up to spot start...and they will be before Erickson. They have the best bull pen in the division by far and one of the best in all of baseball. Gary Cantfield is the only real big defensive liability. Damon is a better fielder than you all are giving him credit for. He just has a shitty arm, but he can go get it. Matsui is an average fielder. The infield defense should be fine. Giambi, contrary to popular belief, is a pretty good fielder, he just cant throw the ball....but how often does a first baseman have to throw the ball? DH and the bench are the only real weaknesses of the team.
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