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  1. Alright so speaking as a colts fan i sure would love the colts and pats to both be unbeaten in week 9 when they face off howver the colts have to tough opponents the jaguars away who always seem to be a tough opponent and the panthers a 4-2 team who is trying to prove they are a top team in the nfc, the pats however have the dolphins an winless team and then the redskins who yes are a top team with one of the top 3 defence's in the nfl but i still feel that the patriots have the easier chance to be unbeaten coming into week 9. The colts are home that game so i feel that they have a good chance at winning assuming that harrison, addai, and sanders are healthy, the patriots have their own problems with the running game it will be interesting to see how maroney is after being out for a while. This wll definetly be the game that could be a preview to the afc championship game, i shall wait and see.
  2. i just cant vote for a guy who had to take steroids to hit home runs and look good.
  3. i think the mets have a chance at the playoffs but i think the braves will beat them out at the last second and the mets will be stuck with a wild card not that there is anything with that but that means you would have to play the team with the best recoerd which i would say would be the cardinals and i wouldnt want to play them first round.
  4. I say that even though the mets are hot right now they will burn out about mid july and the yankes will end up with the better record and will make the playoffs
  5. a rod never does anything in the clutch sure he gets alot of home runs but they are always in these 10 run games when they dont matter as much.
  6. I really dont think he should even get chance to play in the nfl for one point hes not that good hes alright but not good enough to play in the nfl and sure the fins are prob figuring that theyll train him but with that kids attitude good luck
  7. I dont really care if either of you guys post anything about any teams. You know why because i will read pretty much anything if im bored and its fun to read about teams that you dont hear a lot about soi reall font care if you post stuff on the dolphins just so you know.
  8. Farve should not have come back this season. he has nothing left in him. The packers are gonna win like 5 games this season and i bet farves gonna get hurt because he is too old!
  9. I dont know the rest may affect us but i dont think it will make a difference the devils are on a roll i mean they just swept the rangers
  10. yeah baby devils are going to the next round take that rangers
  11. Hey your the only homo here.
  12. The reason the texans are taking mario williams is because they want a strong defense to stop manning they know they are not gonna out score us but they can maybe stop us thats what they are figuring. But i still think they should have taken bush. So that was a bad pick.
  13. Hey i'm all for getting willis
  14. yeah and that one game is coming soon have fun in the offseason
  15. Yeah why do we need another outfielder so what if sheffields reaching the end i think he has at least another year left in him right noow we need to worry about pitching
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