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  1. Dr. Galea only treated ARoid with anti-inflammatories. They just have waaaaaay better anti-inflammatories in Canada than we have here in the U.S. Looks like another asterisked championship. That's five and counting.
  2. I think this is the point where you say, "Gee, you must really be obsessed with me to remember something I posted years ago. Do you keep a log of this stuff?" What I actually said a few years ago was that I was no longer willing to sit every Sunday and watch the horror show that was the Jim Fassel/Jeremy Shockey/etc. Giants. I even admitted, within a week, that it wasn't possible for me to follow through on. I never said I was rooting for another team. Just a bit of a difference there, wouldn't you say? Now go back to shamelessly reminding everybody how important you are to Sportswr
  3. Sorry the Giants can't fleece the taxpayers out of a billion dollars to build a new stadium, then spend the savings on free agent contracts that nobody else can match- football doesn't work that way. Man up, wussy, and good riddance. The Cowboys are still alive- you'll fit right into their fan base.
  4. Interesting theory. I'm still gonna go with the common sense one: When you put a bunch of PED abusers in a Little League park, they're gonna hit lots of home runs.
  5. Fool. And for the record, I never called Beckett a Yankee killer (though last night he would've been more like the Yankee mutilator).
  6. I have to say that watching these games on tv, Met fans seem to be well represented at Fenway, and that never happens there. Probably a combination of Sox fans starting to get a little complacent, and Met fans being on top of the situation when the tix went on sale. Considering the way your last two seasons ended, I have to admire your dedication to your team. Two good wins for you guys, absolutely brutal loss for us last night. Hopefully we can take the finale today.
  7. Looks like A Rod brought treats for everyone when he came back. Mo's cutter has renewed life on it, Texeira's hitting again, and the bullpen is suddenly lights out. Who says Alex isn't a team player?
  8. You are right, Plow. Manny Ramirez is a PHD user. I'm just glad he didn't start doing it until after leaving the Sox. On a related note- A Rod's back tonight!
  9. I guess Manny felt the need to get back at the Sox and rejuvenate his career after his days with the team ended. Thankfully, we're still clean and our legacy is intact.
  10. Yeah, that friggin' media. First they pump him full of steroids, then they force him to opt out of his contract during the World Series, then they make him take a bunch of girlish pictures against his will. Why don't they just give the guy a break already.
  11. At game 6 of the season, against KC- yes.
  12. Retarded. .993 is not a great fielding percentage for a first baseman, and .985 is better than average for a 2B. I would think a self-described coulda-been-a-pro-baseball-scout would know that. Cano is flashy and sometimes makes great plays, but is not smart or focused enough to be a great 2B.
  13. Yeah, but that's all he is is a corner outfielder. He can't play center every day.
  14. :lol: Swisher's too shitty an OF to be your everyday CF. They should just go with Gardner out there and eat his bat (unless he's actually gonna hit this year, based on his spring, which I don't put that much stock in- unless he's been on the "Yankee workout program" this offseason).
  15. If he had just said "I wish he played for our team," I don't think it would be a big deal and you'd really have to be reaching to see it as an insult to Jeter (though the Post probably would've anyway). But to say "I wish he was leading off for us," is an insult to Damon, though I'm sure he didn't mean it that way. He should be smarter than that at this point in his career. Guess he's still just a naive kid.
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