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  1. Just the fact that if everyone was healthy and with Sheffield hitting as good as he is, we had the potential to win 100 games this season and we're struggling to stay above .500. what the fuck are these trainers doing.
  2. SEAN GREEN not to be confused with the great shawn green.
  3. oh we're on the same page here.
  4. i definitely called this at home.
  5. Yeah well Blanton has a pretty solid career ERA of goose egg against us so I say it should be pretty interesting...
  6. isn't that the dude from gilligan?
  7. Michael does not feel the man-love and is going to have to choke a bitch. He is an animal. Time to severely hype him up.
  8. Jesus Flores got 5 hits yesterday.
  9. Michael Matthews owns. Sure he can't catch, but he's really big and blocks like a lineman. And now he'll be playing more, even though he played a ton of snaps last yeart... so he gets man-love.
  10. What the fuck, Mets? What the fuck? There is no fucking way this should happen, i'm fucking speechless.
  11. The only consistancy the Mets have had all year is Giuseppe Franco.
  12. agreed, but it's not like any of them deserve a vote as it is. i've always voted for who i thought deserved it.
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