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  1. To say Eli just "managed" those games is again taking it to the unfair extreme. He led the team on a very important TD drive just before the half of the Dallas game. Played probably his best game ever to that point in GB, without throwing a TD. He led the Giants to two 4th quarter TDs in the Super Bowl. He made a lot plays in every game that postseason, and was much more than a "game manager". I'm not saying he's great, he's a very good QB who may one day be considered great. Keep in mind that Eli had no running game and what many believed was to be a suspect WR corp. He beat the Falcons when the defense tried to give it away. Beat Dallas twice. Would have beaten the Eagles in December and given the Giants the division lead had the defense made ONE stop. Also lost a game to SD on a last minute drive against that putrid defense. Hard to win when your defense is giving up the 2nd highest point total in team history. He did have a couple of clunkers this year, but he was the least of their problems and I'm glad we have him.
  2. I thought we'd be lower. Come on Giants.. get it together.
  3. He beat Dallas with his arm. He beat Atlanta with his arm. He had the team in position to beat SD with his arm, and the defense blew it. Going back to the Super Bowl, it was the defense that blew a late lead that Eli used his arm to help build, and then Eli used his arm to get it back. I'm not bashing the Giants defense in that playoff run, it was amazing, I'm just saying... The running game is poop, the guy's playing hurt, e never blames anyone but himself. Cut him some slack.
  4. I guess he's day to day. http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20...sp&c_id=mlb
  5. Leg strain. Hope it's not too serious. I am hoping for big things from big Mike this season.
  6. I was happy to see Putz hitting 95-96 on the gun. I watched all of that game, and it was a good game. Playoff like atmosphere. Thank God for the WBC. I can't stand spring training and it's too damn long. These guys calling the game are getting a little annoying though. Too much talk about how much these guys want it and how important it is to them and "you are playing for the name on the front, not the back". Sounds way too rehearsed.
  7. Was watching the game for a little while. They said Santana threw a 35 pitch BP session and felt good, and there will be no MRI as was reported earlier in the day.
  8. Isn't Cushing projected to go pretty high? I saw one mock draft that him selected 12th. NFL Network mock draft had Giants taking a DE, Jackson from LSU. I'm not saying these mocks are set in stone, but I just don't see Cushing falling to the Giants. Are there rumors of the Giants moving up or something?
  9. Wow. 5 championships. That's only 2 less than the Giants!!
  10. You know what I just realized? The Cowboys went the entire decade of 2000-2009 without winning a playoff game. That has to be a first in their history. A playoff winless decade, wow. So super strong...
  11. Like the Skins and Cowboys do?? He obviously has not been paying attention to the NFL. You don't need to sign "big name" players to succeed. Crazy how a Giant fan wouldn't understand this, considering his team recently won a championship without such players, with Burress being the exception... somewhat.
  12. I might cry myself if Pedro is ever found to have been a roider. Not because he was a Met (he only had one good season here) but the guy was so masterful at what he did. I'd hate for his career to be tainted.
  13. Yeah Don rules... Have you ever heard the way they make fun of LT and Don? Apparently, Don was interviewing LT and LT slurred some words and called him Fon-Don. They were playing it over and over one day and making fun of Don because he was caught off guard. They were calling him Fon-Don and a caller even called him that. It was hilarious.
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