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  1. What's up everyone! If you guys ever need a link to any sports games and events Reddit has amazing live streams
  2. Seriously. Eli keeps getting hit like this he won't make it to November, much-less the end of the season
  3. I'm with you, bro. Time to get rid of Tuck, Webster, Diehl, and some of the other old/oft-injured players we have. If we can let Bradshaw/Manningham/Smith/Boley go, then nobody should be saf other than Manning/Cruz/JPP and possibly Nicks. Pugh was horrible yesterday. 3 or 4 sacks came from him. High School kids right now can get sacks against us. It's truly sad and atrocious
  4. Yeah, the Mets have a lot of cleaning up to do to become a good team again, unfortunately the Wilpons aren't going anywhere
  5. The man misses how many games? Comes back and hit a homer in his 1st at bat and passes Piazza? :party-smiley-048:
  6. kinda gross, bro. lmfao!
  7. True that, Prince will have S. Smith, and pretty much all their other receivers aren't consistent proven players, just seems like the Giants luck tho. We need JPP 100% too, which looks like he's far from
  8. Your GIF avatar is cracking me up, lol
  9. I should be on more now, 60 hours a week and a 4 year old daughter make that a little hard, lol
  10. What's up, bro? Yeah, I figured I'd make a cameo appearance, lol
  11. He wants way to much money for a guy coming off the streets. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/09/18/its-another-tryout-tuesday/
  12. It's the Mets, bro. If they have a 50/50 chance to make the right decision they lose. Why David Wright is even going to return this confuses me too. Why chance him getting hurt again in meaningless games?
  13. Can you believe Pierce wants his contract reworked... I read a long article that he wants an extention and more money. Dude is insane
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