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  1. So Thanksgiving ONLY helps DALLAS. I see...
  2. Hmmm...If my research is correct, Detroit has a losing record on Thanksgiving. Interestingly, the Eagles are 6-0 and I'm pretty sure none of those was played in Philadelphia. By your logic, Tom Brady and the Patriots should lose both in Detroit and Texas this Thursday. Always entertaining...
  3. You hate me for merely pointing out that it is somewhat laughable that the Giants would have faired better against the Pats on Thanksgiving Day?
  4. It will certainly be interesting to see how the Redskins respond to that thrashing...
  5. Really, Crazed Dog!? It's not enough that the Giants played NE at home. Had they played NE at home, on THANKSGIVING, with a SHORT WEEK to prepare for BRADY the outcome would have been different? Oh, boy. I should not have stayed away so long. Personally, I would prefer to give Romo the week to rest up and have six days to prepare for Cam Newton. But I guess the fact that it's THANKSGIVING means that Newton won't bring his "A" game and the Cowboys will win easily.
  6. LOL! The Giants got NE at home and where did that get them? Interestingly, by this logic, Troy Aikman's Cowboys should have never won in SF. The Cowboys will beat the Panthers in Texas, in Carolina, in NY, in the parking lot...because the Cowboys are the BETTER team.
  7. :flex:ONE down, six to go. My primary concern is that the Giants win 10. Surprised that more of you midget fans don't seem to think that will happen.
  8. Are the Giants winning 10 games? Don't think so... Cowboys won 6 in a row last season. They get by Miami -- look out. Normally, I wouldn't expect 7 in a row. But Giants fans should worry for this reason. Nearly every game the Cowboys lost, including to NY, went down to the wire. Usually the last possession of the game. Yet the QB play, in a league that rides on the QB, was not just average. It was below average. Some games, as bad as it could possibly be. Romo just needs to be 70%.
  9. Gave it away? I miss this place. In week 1 the Giants were being outgained by nearly 1,000 yards at half. You had a ball bounce off a 3rd string WR chest for a TD, and then two late scoring drives without Dez. If the Giants were a real team they would have manned up at least once in the fourth. That is not an example of giving a game away, that was an ATTEMPTED GIVE AWAY by the Cowboys to an inferior team. Giving the game away is when a third string QB throws 3 picks in 5 passes and you allow a KO return. And you still only lose by 7 after a muffed punt. That is GIVING a game away. Boy, I can't put into words how I'm going to enjoy these next 7 weeks!
  10. You had your chance Giants fans. This is going to be amusing.
  11. Desperate. He was in Dallas for like 5 minutes. This will be entertaining.
  12. Oh boy, Giants fans! That was so awful that I am speechless. Even the Giants radio guys were ripping them. My sincere condolences regarding the sudden passing of your 2013 football season. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers when Jerry Jones is raising the Lombardi Trophy in the Meadowlands.
  13. Week 3 and it's a must win game against the lowly Carolina Panthers. And I thought it couldn't get any worse when they brought back Brandon Jacobs. Describing that move as pathetically desperate is being too kind. Honestly, they would be doing you all a favor by losing this week and ending this grand illusion that they are going to be playing in NJ after December.
  14. This was a great pass. But he also had great protection. When I'm taking about pressure, I mean when the blocking begins to break down. Such as when he tried to do his little basketball jump shot against Seattle a couple of years ago. And according to ESPN, the Dog has it wrong. They said he has led the league in INT's since 2004. Either way, there is no excuse for this many interceptions given the talent he has had around him and the quality of his offensive line.
  15. Hey Jabroni, I have to admit, the Giants kept it closer than I expected. They don't give up, those Giants. Which will serve them well given that they will be 2 games behind by next Monday, and possibly chasing all 3 division rivals.
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