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  1. What's up everyone! If you guys ever need a link to any sports games and events Reddit has amazing live streams
  2. Seriously. Eli keeps getting hit like this he won't make it to November, much-less the end of the season
  3. I'm with you, bro. Time to get rid of Tuck, Webster, Diehl, and some of the other old/oft-injured players we have. If we can let Bradshaw/Manningham/Smith/Boley go, then nobody should be saf other than Manning/Cruz/JPP and possibly Nicks. Pugh was horrible yesterday. 3 or 4 sacks came from him. High School kids right now can get sacks against us. It's truly sad and atrocious
  4. Yeah, the Mets have a lot of cleaning up to do to become a good team again, unfortunately the Wilpons aren't going anywhere
  5. The man misses how many games? Comes back and hit a homer in his 1st at bat and passes Piazza? :party-smiley-048:
  6. kinda gross, bro. lmfao!
  7. True that, Prince will have S. Smith, and pretty much all their other receivers aren't consistent proven players, just seems like the Giants luck tho. We need JPP 100% too, which looks like he's far from
  8. Your GIF avatar is cracking me up, lol
  9. I should be on more now, 60 hours a week and a 4 year old daughter make that a little hard, lol
  10. What's up, bro? Yeah, I figured I'd make a cameo appearance, lol
  11. He wants way to much money for a guy coming off the streets. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/09/18/its-another-tryout-tuesday/
  12. It's the Mets, bro. If they have a 50/50 chance to make the right decision they lose. Why David Wright is even going to return this confuses me too. Why chance him getting hurt again in meaningless games?
  13. Can you believe Pierce wants his contract reworked... I read a long article that he wants an extention and more money. Dude is insane
  14. Honestly, with how good our o-line is even our rookie we picked up is going to look great. Our o-line not only helps these guys get 3 to 4 yards, but helps them get to full speed with little or no contact so when they hit those safety's or LB's it's easier to spin or plow them over in Jacobs case. If you had Jacobs or Ward on a team like Detriot they both wouldn't have had 1,000 yard seasons. Remember the Jets cut Ward. We got him and our o-line and schemes made him a star.
  15. After beating the odds as free agents who participated in a minicamp on a trial basis, six players have been signed by the New York Giants. Per Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News, the team announced today that they have signed two undrafted rookies: center Alex Derenthal (Temple) and defensive end Tommie Hill (Colorado State). The Giants have also acquired former Baltimore Ravens seventh-round running back Allen Patrick, former Green Bay Packers wide receiver Shaun Bodiford, former Miami Dolphins seventh round linebacker Kelvin Smith and former Jacksonville Jaguars tight end George Wrighster. Wrighster broke the news of his impending release from the Jaguars on his blog earlier this year.
  16. My buddy showed me this site that has NFL news before ESPN, NFL.com, and any other site. Have you guys been to profootballtalk.com? I never go to ESPN or any other site anymore for new news. I read a link about the Giants signing 6 new players. Another RB, TE, WR, DE, C, and I forgot what the other position was. lol
  17. I knew the 1st and 3rd part, but not the over 10 million a year part
  18. Thanks man. I know this move to the 2nd pick isn't going to happen, and I won't let any of these fucktards make me feel like I'm stupid. My title to this thread had the description of "my reasons why." I still srongly believe in my own head that Crabtree would help us day 1 to be a ultimate player. The price to make that happen is very costly, but I don't feel like we have that many areas of concern. If we were a 0-16 team like the Lions I would know it's a no-brainer that a wr at any skill wouldn't help. Example Calvin Johnson. You know, my best bet is to just drop what I personally think would help the team. Listen guys I'm no idiot. I just threw a thought out there. That's it.
  19. I was on ESPN a minute ago looking at the specs on both Edwards and Boldin. (go to espn.com, then the NFL section, then players, then enter in Edwards) Not only are the Browns wanting a 1st and 3rd for him, but Braylon is asking for over 10 million a year. Fuck him. I'd rather draft a guy, and sign him for much less then what this guy is asking. 10 million a year? Are you fucking kidding me?!? If we do get this guy it won't be for that amount. Jerry Reese is smarter then that. What the hell is this guy thinking?
  20. damn, those are some pretty big names. Like I said before. I'm all for getting Braylon, I just really like the athletic ability Boldin has, and I'd hate to see him become an Eagle.
  21. VG, Edwards led the league in drops last year. He's had 27 in 2 years. How do you expect him to make those difficult catches when the guy has troubles catching ease catches.
  22. Yeah, but atleast Boldin doesn't lead the league in drops. I understand braylon is young, and he's a good player, but I don't think he'll draw double teams like Boldin will. I'll be happy with either one of them, but I'm still leaning more towards Boldin
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