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  1. I'd be all aboard the FitzMagic train.
  2. With Tate and Engram gone that's like 2 receptions per game that need to be replaced.
  3. Tanney retires. https://www.giants.com/news/alex-tanney-retires-after-9-nfl-seasons-eli-manning-daniel-jones?fbclid=IwAR21UmHaNfk7osCx-2LaZ2KNpEpfqOtngDlty1xumhFJw93H7XNnHS-jllA
  4. Oh man I just had an acid flashback and thought the Punter tried to throw a TD pass to the Center 😂
  5. The "improving" OLine got completely exposed today too.
  6. If Love and Bradberry had held onto those dropped INTs I'd be making a Grahamatar today.
  7. The secondary made Metcalf look like Decaf.
  8. Yeah man those rookies on the left were playing really well. I fucking love this D right now too.
  9. No sure if he "got paid" though. No mention of money or guarantees.
  10. Crazy shit. Still, this shows the character of the guys he hangs with.
  11. The Ginger Menace strikes again!
  12. 2020 1st Round tackles by pass-blocking grade: Jedrick Wills 77.9 Tristan Wirfs 74.6 Mehki Becton 69.1 Austin Jackson 52.0 Andrew Thomas 47.4
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