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  1. They trade up to stop another team trading up.
  2. I turned it off at the end of the 3rd, knowing the 4th would be brutal.
  3. This team does not deserve to be in the playoffs no matter what the scenario.
  4. I'd rather just lose out so we can get a new coach too...but it would also be pretty great to see Eli hang a 50 burger on the Eagles on his way out the door.
  5. Why would you say such a mean thing to your son?!
  6. He kicked the top of his head while he was pinned down. If he'd connected better it could have broken his neck.
  7. Which 2nd round talent can we spend our top 10 pick on this year?
  8. That's pretty soft. It was far more dangerous than what Garrett did IMO.
  9. What did Pouncy get for kicking Garrett in the head while he was pinned down?
  10. Probably more interesting than the Giants this season though.
  11. These guys are a little hyperbolic in their recollection. Most people were shocked they picked him as high as they did but most also conceded that he was a decent player. I don't even remember anyone arguing that we should have picked a different QB. I also don't recall anyone calling the pick either. Lots of people wanted us to go blue-chip D player in round 1 and rightly so.
  12. I think it was way worse in the first two games this season.
  13. He did (80% completion under pressure) though most of those sacks came from him holding the ball too long. He'll improve on that I'm sure.
  14. You can't tell me Eli and Danny were getting the same plays called though. Eli was on a leash. I think Shurmur wanted to force the issue.
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