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  1. The D were great in the first half, then slumped, then got it back together. O went through similar phases. To me that looked like Paton & Co making adjustments, then Judge & Co responding. AKA "coaching".
  2. One of our last 20 OL picks had to pan out.
  3. Is it just me or did we actually witness some in-game coaching adjustments? I'm not sure because I haven't seen that in a long time.
  4. Some of those were shitty calls but if you go chest-bump your opponent after making a catch you're being a dick.
  5. He doesn't enter the neutral zone before the Center moves the ball. DLinemen are allowed to move as long as they don't make an OLineman jump. It's perfectly legal and a shitty call on a great play by Lawrence.
  6. Jerrah gets to pick the refs? They really want the Cowboys to win this one.
  7. He was tiptoeing into contact all day. He even went in backwards on one play.
  8. I think he overthrew Slayton so he's at least partially responsible for that one.
  9. 0-2 for 8 out of the last 9 seasons.
  10. To me it looked like the whole scheme was a mess, making Bridgewater look good. Guys were running free all day. I put that on the DC not the individual players...which is good news-ish as it's fixable. I'm so tired of watching the Giants roll into Week 1 looking like they spent training camp at the water park.
  11. Pass protection wasn't bad. They gave Danny plenty of time to stare at one receiver.
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