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  1. Very touching tribute. He loved his players and they loved him http://www.theplayerstribune.com/giants-tom-coughlin-tribute-coach/
  2. Aren't you the board's lone Redskin's fan, and not a Giants' fan?
  3. Yeah, or win the Wild Card runoff and get blown out in the next playoff game and be sitting at 25th or 26th. By the last two games, there was absolutely nothing to be gained and everything to lose by winning....except perhaps, pride in a mid-talented team. With all the free agent money available this year along with a great draft position, we should be able to restock if they boys in the front office play their cards right. We're not that far off from being a contending team...especially if we can get past the injury bug. We still have Eli and OBJ, Hankins and DRC, up 'n comers Collins and Kennard, not to mention the possibility of a healthy Cruz coming back. We definitely need to fix the defensive backfield and get a good pass rush going. If we can do that, we're on the right track. We have the tools with cap space and draft position to right the ship if we play it smart.
  4. Yeah, for sure. Always good to be in the top 10 on draft day, but it also means you had a sucky season. We should be able to get a good starting player at that spot and maybe a future star. Plus, we rotate back and forth throughout the rounds with Tampa as we had the same record as them and they get the 9th pick in round 1. Our pick in the 2nd round would be 9th, instead of 10th, and will be like getting the 8th since NE loses their first round pick. Hopefully, we get a star player and a solid starter with our first two picks.
  5. round 1: 21 round 2: 22 and then flip back and forth between 21st and 22nd with the Texans for each round With New England losing their 1st round pick, everyone moves up a spot in the second round for overall draft pick if not thinking of it from each round. Cowboys are in a sweet position to strengthen as they have the 4th, 3rd, 4th, 3rd and on down the line. And of course, with NE losing their pick, the Boys get like a no.2 pick in the 2nd round.
  6. Tom Coughlin took out a big ad in the New York Times to thank fans (probably cost thousands of dollars). What a class act.
  7. Beason is about to go under the knife for another knee surgery. He says he'll wait and see how his knee feels in a few months, but was not optimistic. He is pondering retirement if he isn't 100% (and hell, he hasn't been 100% in years). This past season Beason finished with 18 tackles and no other recorded stats. His best game came against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 7 when he finished the game with 11 tackles. He was only able to appear in five games all season, making four starts and on the field in 162 snaps.
  8. Mara and the front office should offer Tom a lucrative advisory position and give him oversight of scouting. Best case scenario, fire Reese and give his job to TC
  9. Tha That actually makes me feel a little better about Marrone. When S.U. hired Marrone, I was more excited about Orange Football than I have been in years. I had optimism for the first time since the McPherson / Pasqualoni era. When he left to take the Bills job, my heart sank and I was really pissed. I suppose if your ultimate goal is to coach in the NFL, then it makes sense. But opting out of the Bills' head coach position really baffled me. Good to know that he and Whaley were at odd. It puts a little sense into confusion for me. A little Trivia for you guys: The original school colors for Syracuse University were Light Pink and Pea Green. The colors were so ugly and the students hated them so they changed them to Dark Pink and Azure Blue, which lasted a decade or so, but still lacked power symbolism and did not imply strength so they finally switched to all orange (the navy blue was added later as the contrasting edging and high-lights for the white home uniforms) and that is how they got their name, "Syracuse Orange".
  10. I tend to think they want to pick TC's brain. He'll be 70 years old shortly so it's doubtful he's going to be coaching for the next 4 or 5 years and it will take that long to turn the Eagles around and set them up with an entirely new system. If TC was 60, I'd be worried. I will be sick as can be if he takes an office job in an advisory position. If anything, it sure shows the short-sightedness and absurdity of making TC the fall guy while keeping the builder of the team, Mr. Reese.
  11. The thing I never understood about Marrone, is that his QB at Syracuse during the couple of years that the team did the best it had in more than a decade, was Ryan Nassib. And Marrone praised and praised him and gave him much credit for taking the team to a bowl game. Then Marrone jumped ship at SU as soon as Nassib was to graduate and when Marrone was drafting for his new team (the Bills), he didn't draft Nassib and instead, took EJ Manuel shocking everyone who knew the connection between Marrone and Nassib. Manuel of course, didn't turn into the second coming of Cam Newton. After 3 years in the NFL, Manuel this past season threw for 3 TD's and 3 interceptions and is the 2nd or 3rd QB off the bench, depending on who you listen to.
  12. In the strangest turn of events, the Eagles are toying with the idea of hiring TC. I can't believe he'd ever take the job, but who knows what goes on behind the public persona. Could there have been an unhealthy division between Tom and the front office that was kept quiet? Who knows. I just find this strange and disconcerting. http://www.nj.com/eagles/index.ssf/2016/01/nfl_coaching_rumors_eagles_interviewing_tom_coughl.html#incart_river_index http://www.syracuse.com/ny-sports/index.ssf/2016/01/philadelphia_eagles_request_permission_to_interview_tom_coughlin_reports.html#incart_river_home
  13. From who? Is it based on the number of sacks he gave up? The Giants ranked 11th out of 32 for allowed sacks and were better than every team in the AFC http://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/ol And that takes into consideration sacks given up by Newhouse and Jerry. Flowers is a breath of fresh air with his attitude, his competitive spirit, his dedication to the game, his choosing his family over friends who choose to drink, party, snort, and fuck. And he's one of the strongest players in the NFL.
  14. Yeah, the injury was a unwanted surprise. But deep down, I think he is going to become a star....knock on wood.
  15. I I thought the same thing. Flowers was stuffed into the hardest position to play as a rookie and held up well, limiting Eli to the fewest season sacks in his career (some credit must be given to McAdoo's quick strike system though) And he was hurt - but continued to play hurt...which is a real football player. I've often wondered if the Giants toyed with the idea of taking Collins with their first pick. They seemed awfully anxious to trade up in the 2nd round to grab him as though they were stunned that he was still on the board after round one. Either way, we got a couple of top shelf players in the last draft. Too bad they went brain dead after selecting O-diggy!
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