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  1. Eli to Tyree "The Catch" Eli to Plax game winner Highlights with Bob Papa doing commentary -fixed
  2. No, not even as much as this... "Back to Foulke! Red Sox fans have longed to hear it - The Boston Red Sox are World Champions!" --Joe Buck, Fox Sports.
  3. My bad, forget McPherson hasn't signed, like that matters. http://www.newsday.com/sports/football/gia...ports-headlines
  4. Motes

    %$#@& Crisp

    Paplebon would have come in and shut the door and Ortiz would have hit the HR like he did.
  5. If it was vacation, shouldn't you be winning more than 58% of your games against them the past 2 weeks?
  6. Not as long as you were waiting for A-Rod to do something clutch.
  7. 3rd best record in the majors goes to the Sox, not the Mets (as of now)
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