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  1. Two words. Osi Umenyiora. That is why you aren't being paid like a top end DE Osi you suck against the run and teams exploit it. Amazing how Tuck being out exposes the Dline against the run.
  2. I agree with Tuck on this one the league is making it so offense oriented that anything the defensive players can do to help themselves out gets a pass.
  4. UPDATE (10:22 a.m.): Justin Tuck is expected to play, though the Giants will look to spot him at times. Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/writers/will_carroll/09/10/fantasy.football.injury.report.wk1/index.html#ixzz1Xf5ytyGW
  5. In three years if he keeps up his style of play he's going to be forced out by concussions.
  6. Yeah that 3.1 YPC is PRIME TIME
  7. That pissed me off. I bet Brees threw more true INTs than Eli did when a good third of his bounced off of Nicks hands.
  8. Its just been a huge part of the commentary on Eli this offseason and leading into the season that he threw 25 picks, then I saw on tonights broadcast that Brees threw 22 and honestly I never saw that. Part of that is of course the fact that Eli gets coverage in our market but honestly the first thought I had when I saw Brees had 22 picks last season was "Wait a second the medias lovechild threw 22 picks and this is the first I'm hearing about it?"
  9. 10 wins 99/100 times will get you into the playoffs. Honestly I think its because Brees has a PR agent who highlights all he does to help NO. That and being a Manning means you must succeed.
  10. Never noticed this last season but apparently Brees had almost as many picks as Eli had...yet analysts are jizzing over birthmark boy and trashing Eli. Thoughts?
  11. Steve Serby is a hack writer who is still putting stories out in a NY tabloid after years of effort. Do you really care what he thinks? Is Steve Serby a voice of reason when it comes to judging a sports team? If so....thats sad.
  12. You should start bolding your comments too
  13. Typing in big letters and bolding it will not make your opinions any more sane
  14. MikeGarafolo Mike Garafolo Source says Goff collided knees with a teammate in practice on Monday. That's how the injury occurred. Unreal. #nyg
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