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  1. Posey impressed me, too. If he does any kind of hitting, you're going to have to pay to keep him. Quick hands! He could probably play 3rd, too.
  2. Aw, fuck! Let Wash. grab him up, or the Eagles. That would be the only reason I'd get him. But then who would we cut?
  3. That's it! It's time to break up the Giants. No team should be allowed to carry a pitching staff like that. Unbelievable! That was no choke on the Rangers part. It was pure pitching. Congrats again, Blu.
  4. Why did Girardi walk Hamilton to get to Vlad, a Manny type RBI machine? With 2 outs no less.
  5. 1. Pawn Girardi off on the Cubs, and give the job to Posada so he doesn't play any more. 2. Bring back Molina so he can tutor Montero, our first string catcher next yr. 3. Keep Berkman. 4. Sign Jeter and fix him. 5. Keep Arod away from the weights. He's getting too fuckin' muscle bound. 6. Put Joba back in the rotation. From what I saw, Alby can take his place in the pen, no problem. 7. Get a top notch out fielder, one with a good arm, speed, and can hit in the post season.
  6. Congrats, VG! Good luck the rest of the way... unless you play the Giants, maybe. I usually root for the AL team, but I've always been partial to the team from the gay city.
  7. If the Giants can take 2, they'll take 4. That's my wild prediction for the series.
  8. Now, if your team's pitching can knock off the Phillies, it would be deeply appreciated by whatever AL team gets in.
  9. It was a big win, and I hope they woke from their Sept. slumber. And, talking about slumber, those announcers did kind of make me want to snooze. It was almost like turning on a Mets game.
  10. We have about the same record in a tougher division, so yeah, we should take this in 4. But this is the underachieving Yanks with too many ifs in the starting rotation we're talking about.
  11. The Mets would be better off if he did work for someone else.
  12. I worry about our OLine vs any front 4. It was bad enough when they weren't opening up holes for our RB's. Now Eli barely has time enough to pick up his primary receiver, never mind a secondary one. On a side note, I don't understand SW's love for Hedgecock. What the hell does this guy do except take up a roster spot?
  13. I'm positive we have to rebuild. Phillips looked good as usual. I thought the poor bastard was going to get killed out there.
  14. Aw, we didn't want to show them anything in case we met them in the SB. That being said, it's fun watching your team rebuild. Start with the OL. Jay, our running game never works unless our passing game clicks.
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