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  1. Just wanted to quote mcqueef from the Arod thread -mcqueef just wanted to make sure you are held accountable for what you said
  2. I agree because when push comes to shove and you take out the years they allegedly did steroids, they are still HOFers. Arod at the moment has the best chance of the three because he has admitted to what he did (you don't have to believe him entirely but his story at least makes sense) and he still has 9 years left in his career. So technically, he will have had 13 years of his career when testing occurred to back up most of his story.
  3. I got a theory. Obviously all of this was orchestrated by his PR people and lawyers. Now, if he comes out and says whatever substance he did do, then Congress is going to come after him with a shitload of questions and they will want names and dates. They will probably call him in to try and get him involved. If he acts naive and says he didn't know what he took then it's harder for them to come after him.
  4. All the old time guys who are in the HOF took amphetamines. That stuff has been running wild in baseball since the 60's. Mays, mantle and all those guys did it. All of a sudden now we make a big deal about it. Just let them all in, f it. Maybe now we should make the number a little higher, say 550 homers instead of 500 to accommodate the higher home run totals. And you are right, whatever edge you can get in baseball you take. Whether it's using pine tar, vaseline on your hat for pitching, stealing signs, whatever. Cheating has always been in baseball.
  5. The guy could cure AIDS and cancer and you will still hate him. In political terms, by what he did today, he swayed the independent voters his way and riled up his base. People like you will always hate him. People like me, who like him a lot, feel a lot better about him today. The casual fan is also very happy that a superstar finally confessed and told a believable version of the truth, instead of denying it. Let me point out, he did not have to admit to the other 2 years, but he did. He admitted to a lot more than he needed to.
  6. Regardless if he is a saint or not with what he said. He said a lot more than any other superstar player i can think of.
  7. keep talking shit. We'll see if you're around when ortiz and manny have some evidence on them.
  8. The main story is how the Player's Union screwed this one up and every fan out there should prep themselves because there is a good chance their superstar has at least tried steroids. This is all very bad for baseball as a whole.
  9. Because Bonds was so fucking obvious. He was in his late 30's doing things that nobody has ever done and still denying it. Look at Arod's stats, they are so consistent. There is no jump. They always talk about how he works out three hours before every game. He's the first one in the gym. Everything is tainted now. What do you really know? What records even matter? What is legit? Besides, ultimately, as a Yankees fan, I don't give a shit about this. He did it while he was with the Rangers and it's not like we won anything with him anyway. If Jeter or Mo was juicing I would cry.
  10. Am I shocked? No. Am I sad? Yes. No matter if you love or hate Arod, this is a catastrophic day for baseball. This just proves that every single one of these superstar power hitters was juicing. Arod was supposed to be the guy who was working out 3 hours a day, busting his ass the natural way and consistently hitting well over his career. Now what? You have to seriously look at every guy who has any suspicion and say he's been juicing. Howard, Ortiz, Pujols, Fielder. They were all juicing. Any guy who came close to 50 homers was on roids in my opinion. Even guys who were in the 40's have to be questioned. And now would be a good time for Arod to turn the corner on his reputation. It's time to start being honest and come clean. He needs to stop being fake and arrogant. It's time to come back to reality. You're caught -- apologize, admit to it, call it a mistake and move on.
  11. I love how in his speech he basically talked about how he can still play and if any GM needs a left fielder who can steal some bases to give him a call. He also said, if he got signed, he could steal the most bases in the majors today (reyes stole 56) last year. He also wants to play in the WBC. Gotta love it, guy is giving a speech about being in the HOF and all he wants to do is still play.
  12. Wonderful, I want him back too. But we still have to get another WR no matter what because it's not up to any of us, even Reese, on whether or not he's coming back. The prosecutors, the NYPD, a judge and a jury are going to have a lot bigger say in that. And even if they let him go, who is to say Roger Goodell hasn't had his way yet?
  13. you guys ever see that flair guy out in the RF bleachers? and honestly how have you never heard the Yankee baseball chant and you've sat in the RF bleachers? However, I must say the roll call at the beginning is one of the coolest fan cheers in all of sports. I'll admit the "Jose Jose Jose Jose..." chant is kind of cool too.
  14. We were 4-12 in 2003 and 6-10 in 2004. Who would have thought after those seasons we would be bitching after two years in which we won the Super Bowl and then were the number 1 seed the following year?! If you told me in 04 that within the next five years I would have seen a Giants Super Bowl followed by a 12-4 season, I would have creamed my pants.
  15. As a 21-year-old fan who drove around 8 hours in two days and paid 150 dollars of money I don't really have to go watch my team lose to the Eagles, I am seriously offended by this thread. It's quite simple, there are a lot of traditional STH's who are old. They don't get loud, hell, a lot fall asleep during the game. But I went to two Giants games this year, and both times were because a STH sold me their tickets. I got great seats for a decent value. I went because I love my team. I had a good feeling they were going to lose, but I still went and cheered my ass off. I had a great time and a lot of those old guys who don't get loud or whatever are great people to talk to who know the game really well. And honestly, there were 5000 Eagles fans there, which is NOT bad at all considering how close PA is to NJ. YOU EVER BEEN TO A YANKEES - RED SOX GAME?! It's always 40% full with the road team. I cant even believe I replied to this thread again, I can feel my IQ going down.
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