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  1. Madelyn Burke @MadelynBurke Joe Judge says still unclear the severity of OL Shane Lemieux’s knee injury, says “I will say this: the worst case scenario seems to be avoided” Adds Lemieux is eager to get back on the field, “He’s like a wild animal, he’d chew his way out of a bear trap”
  2. hopefully it is just a sprain and Lemieux will just miss a bit of camp and be back mid Aug ...........anyway , wasnt he the worst pass blocking guard in the NFL last year ? they seem to bring the cart out all the time nowadays .....and he walked to the cart on his own and had no ice packs or braces applied according to Art Stapleton
  3. huge game over here tonight ...........come on England ! ( England have not been to a Final of the Euros or World Cup since 1966 ) .......is the long wait over ?
  4. Might come over for the Panthers game on 24th October ...... depending on Covid restrictions in the Autumn. Haven’t been over for a game since 2012 FFS !
  5. England were immense in beating Ukraine 4-0 , I really think we should beat Denmark now to make the final. Football is coming home ( maybe )
  6. anyone just watch the Mets v Yankees game ..........crazy 7th innings with the Mets scoring 6 runs including a fan interference (some terrible pitching from Chapman ) Go Mets !
  7. Great comeback win for the Mets against the Braves. i thought Megill pitched very well with 8 SO until that rocket from Albies in the 5th for 3 runs. but what a strike from McCann when we really needed it in the 7th. i love it when we beat the Braves ....especially in that fashion
  8. nice to finally beat Germany in a knockout competition for the first time since 1966 ........bring on Ukraine !
  9. Things are good thanks Boo .......slow start to the Euros but it should really hot up in the knockout stages next week. England won their group ....but will face France , Germany , Portugal or Hungary depending on tonight's results ..... tricky !
  10. anybody watching the Euros ? Good start for England in beating Croatia yesterday Come on Scotland today ! That was scary with Eriksen wasnt it !
  11. Fantastic that you were there for that one Seph ..... great memories I’m sure
  12. that 41-0 v the Vikes in the NFC Champ Game will live in the memory for a very long time...... that's for sure !
  13. sad news indeed ...a really good guy. RIP Jim
  14. Another good win for the Mets ......7-3 in last 10 ( and the Padres are a good team ) Very impressed with the Mets this season considering all the injuries. Rojas has done a great job.
  15. Great win for Leicester in the FA Cup Final yesterday Tielemans' goal was outstanding and a worthy winner of any cup final victory. and how about that save in the 88th minute from Schmeichel .....World Class ! well done to the Foxes on their fifth attempt ....worthy
  16. when was the last time we won 7 straight games ? Mets on fire
  17. well it seems to be a bit more fun being a Mets fan this season ...........5 in a row , lets see if we can keep this going
  18. wasnt expecting another Edge rusher there ............but Elerson Smith sounds ok
  19. if we go RB here BIC ....... Shakes might just jump !!
  20. Before Shakes takes a jump off the nearest cliff. There are still some decent OL left for us to pick today ( list below ) Im hoping for Trey Smith or Deonte Brown personally Deonte BrownTrey SmithTrey HillDavid MooreSadarius HutchersonDrew DalmanTommy KraemerBryce HargroveRobert JonesStone ForsytheJosh BallDan MooreJames HudsonD'Ante SmithBrendan JaimesRoyce NewmanAlaric JacksonCole Van Lanen
  21. maybe you should take a short break Shakes ....this O line obsession of yours is eating you up ! ....and this is a more talented , better coached team than 6 wins IMHO regards UK
  22. Am i the only one who thinks DG and the team did a pretty good job here ............ We got an excellent WR who will have immediate impact. We got 3 extra picks including next year's' 1st rounder ( probably even a top 10 pick because the Bears will be rubbish ) Our O line played pretty well in the second half of last season and it is not awful. The reason we could not score points last season was more about our terrible WRs not getting any separation ( and of course the crushing loss of #26 ) Sure we could do with more help on the O line and the young guys still need to grow and show improvement. ( but most teams have the same issues ) Im sure DG / Judge and the boys are acutely aware of this and will add some strength and depth to the O line over the next few days
  23. its a shame that we won the " Chase Young " game against Washington 2 seasons ago otherwise things would be a bit easier. (and lets hope Andrew Thomas doesn't turn out to be the next Ereck Flowers. Nice draft Dragon ......i think we end up with Waddle too but i definitely want EDGE in the 2nd round
  24. Yes JR , Liverpool will quit . I hear Man City and Chelsea will tonight. It is over
  25. good summary BIC ........it is a disgusting plan and i hope it fails quickly. It is a microcosm of all that is wrong in the World today. Greed Greed Greed Football ..... created by the poor , stolen by the rich !
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