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  1. i honestly think Judge gets another year ........unless we end up 3-14 ( then he is on shaky ground of course ) DG gone Garrett gone ( he doesn't really want to be here anyway ) A lot of this will be blamed on catastrophic injuries ( the worst in the league ) i actually think this team will get healthier and better and will probably end up 6-11 or 7-10 which will just about save Judge. as for GM - Rik gets my vote !
  2. Their Defense is as porous as ours. Their Offense was under 100 yards until the end of the 4th Q and the O line is awful
  3. Panthers look awful ……. We could win next week
  4. Deshaun fucking Jackson can fuck off too
  5. I think you might be right ……. And that would be very bad news for Joe Judge
  6. Remember when we used to be able to stop the fucking run !
  7. Is this a bad dream or is this actually happening ?
  8. Remember when Doug Williams scored 35 pts in the 2nd Q of Super Bowl 22 ……. Stafford not far behind him
  9. I wish we could fire John Mara too
  10. Don’t worry guys …… we’re going to be fine ….. trust me , trust the fucking process
  11. Unwatchable rubbish this …….. booooooooooooo
  12. Obviously DG is gone what record gets Judge fired do you think 3-14 ?
  13. When does college basketball start ? thank goodness I have Liverpool FC
  14. Pathetic Defense ……. Utter rubbish
  15. Jones is brave …… he’s our man
  16. Go Blue …….. I actually think this could be a close game ( we are a wounded animal )
  17. Hi TBCV , im not from London ( i live 200 miles north near York ) ....but i would head to Soho. I was out there on Sat night and it was fantastic. Hundreds of good restaurants. Covent Garden area nearby is also worth a good look for food. All the best UK
  18. I’m in London today for the Jets Atlanta game …… will catch the Giants game in a bar later ( I’ll be drunk because I’ve just had my first beer now at 10.00 a.m UK time 🍺 cheers
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