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  1. we really really have to trade down ..........but DG wont
  2. A Giant Hero ( no other words necessary )
  3. cheers Boo ..........lets face it Utd haven't been the same side since Sir Alex left. The midfield has never been the same since Roy Keane retired FFS and that was a bloody long time ago. Thanks. its been a long wait ............
  4. still cant believe that TD run by Mahomes .........it was an epic I'm rooting for KC in the Superbowl ....the old walrus deserves one ( and gotta love Spags too )
  5. ok so who do KC play in the Superbowl ?
  6. yes indeed JR .........Liverpool were dominant. United looked tired , old and lacking ideas.
  7. Really happy , great hire . Can’t wait to see our Offense develop under Garrett
  8. maybe Boo .......but we have made some good teams look very poor at fortress Anfield this season. ( Man City , Leicester , Arsenal , Spurs etc ) Liverpool are much more consistent and a much better side than last year. i see a win at home v Utd
  9. you might be right Boo , but i see a draw coming in that game ( 2-2 perhaps )
  10. not a good way for your season to end if you are a Hawks fan ( another crucial fuck up by the zebras at the very end of a playoff game) ......grrrrr
  11. Titans could be the new 2008 road warrior Giants
  12. wow ....do the Texans regret that fake punt now at 24-7 on their own 30 yard line
  13. 24-34 just crazy now i have to say Tony Romo is truly excellent in the commentary box
  14. This Texans v KC game is fucking insane ..........totally wild first half Texans were leading 24-0 FFS Now KC look like going into the half with the lead. its nuts !
  15. blimey Aguero and City destroying Villa this afternoon
  16. Did you see McCarthy’s presser introduction in Dallas. It was bloody awful in my opinion. Judge looked impressive today
  17. good to hear you too Boo. Glad you got some football to watch when you were in England. Ive done the Old Trafford Stadium and Museum tour too ( Its very good , i did it with some Dutch customers last year.....and they loved it. ( i tolerated it as a Liverpool fan ) Yes you were totally outplayed by City in the first half ........Rashford's goal gives you a glimmer of hope but not much. Ive been to Hull City twice this season ( because i live 25 mins away ) .....hoping to get to Anfield for a game in March / April Klopp is a God !
  18. Judge is a bold bold move. ( especially after all the horseshit spoken by Mara and DG recently ) All depends on the OC and DC now. Could be a stroke of pure genius. ( or a total catastrophe )
  19. wow a Boohyah sighting !!! ( hope you are enjoying Liverpool's success ! ) Hey JR .....QPR with 11 goals in the last 2 games .....what is going on ? )
  20. you might need to add Jason Garrett to that list ! ( McCarthy for me ........although obviously i would dream about Bill B coming home for a final 3 year stint before retirement ending in a Superbowl )
  21. Packers v Ravens Super Bowl for me. ( with a Ravens victory )
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