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  1. We have moved forward. Judge and the coaching has been excellent i like the " culture " he has created 0-5 and 1-7 and to come back strongly for a HC in a crazy Covid year was impressive
  2. Great game by Jones ..... hes here to stay
  3. insane this ........refs cant overturn this Giants ball
  4. yeeeeesss ....plenty left in this game though
  5. come on D lets have a turnover RIGHT NOW !
  6. nerves shot ......im on the gin now
  7. nice D ....gotta love Williams ...hes a fucking monster
  8. at least Jones didnt fumble the football on that sack ....and a nice punt and coverage go D
  9. come on lets have a long scoring drive please
  10. Fucked by the refs there ....... phantom call
  11. yes 5 i reckon .... hands of stone ( not to mention the one he dropped which would have sealed the Philly game )
  12. That’s on Engram ...... idiot
  13. Come on keep going boys !!!!! I’m nervous as hell for some reason
  14. I’m liking my Giants today , Jones sharp too
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