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  1. looks like Brightwell will make the team then sort of surprised that Sills got cut
  2. G Chad Slade CB Madre Harper WR Matt Cole TE Nakia Griffen-Stewart LB Nikos Lalas and wow .....Patriots cut Cam !
  3. top 10 defense bottom 10 offense look forward to a few 13-10 wins and some 6-10 losses !
  4. Mets lose by 1 run again after leaving bases loaded ........Deja Vu Aug has just been horrible to watch as a Mets fan .....Jeez !
  5. Gutsy win for the Mets last night. Heroics from Pillar with that 3 run homer in the 12th . i thought Megill pitched really well too. Unfortunately the Braves keep winning and we still have the Dodgers and Giants to come next !!! i think this season is probably over .....but ill take the W
  6. Hard to take 2 defeats by 1 point back to back in extra innings against the Dodgers ! onto the next one I suppose !
  7. Jeez i hate preseason games ........i had to turn it off ......roll on 53 cuts day and Sept 12
  8. Nice to get the sweep against the Nats. Just watched the second game of the double header from last night on replay. Wow we nearly made a total mess of that with May and Familia at the top of the 7th .....thank goodness for the Polar Bear with the walk off homer. Bring on the Dodgers ! ( yikes )
  9. Thank goodness we got the 8-7 win against the Nats last night to stop the rot. When we went 7-4 down i thought we were doomed again but we showed some good fight .......good to see Pete finding the middle of the bat and good contributions from most of our bats ( Nimmo , McNeil , JD in particular ) Good work from the bullpen too Got to sweep the lowly Nats ....looking forward the rearranged double header tonight
  10. Giants / Liverpool FC / Mets / Lancashire CC

  11. too soon in my opinion JR but yes , we had the Charity Shield yesterday. in my view British Football should be Sept to April with the Cup Final in early May like it always used to be when i was growing up........too much mediocre , meaningless football on telly nowadays and it lessens the product ! ( sorry ....just too depressed after watching Mets v Philly game .........apart from those 3 back to back to back homers in the 9th gave me hope for a while i suppose)
  12. If these guys were not " up for the fight " of a long hard season , it is better that they go now. No room on the final 53 of a Joe Judge team for anyone who wants to quit during training camp
  13. Did you see that total meltdown in St Louis as the Braves came back from 2-4 in the 8th with 2 outs ......... poor Reyes with 5 walks with bases fully loaded. agonising ! ( that ....and the latest Phillies comeback makes it look even more bleak for our Mets ) Huge series against the in form Phillies coming up We need a spark !
  14. Jeeeez ....15 runners left on base AGAIN ! what an ugly series this has been from the Mets against the lowly Marlins Baez with the " platinum sombrero " Hernandez cracks me up sometimes
  15. Thank goodness that we stopped that 3 game losing slide with a 5-3 win against the Marlins. I thought Carrasco pitched really well and our bullpen sealed the deal efficiently. Loving what Baez brings to this team both with the bat and in the field ( his slide at home base was fantastic ) We need to stop leaving so many men on base too ......bases fully or nearly fully loaded in 7th 8th and 9th too. Go Mets
  16. Bad news that we are unlikely to get DeGrom back until Sept after a setback. I’m not very confident in our pitching right now ( Megill , Walker , Hill , Stroman all struggling a bit...... let’s hope that Carassco can get it together ! ) I was really hoping we would trade for another pitcher before the deadline but I really like the Baez signing. lets hope that the Braves and Phillies keep losing because Aug could be tricky
  17. What a great game last night to beat the Reds 5-4 in the 10th. Mets are really pulling out a lot of close games this year. Baez looked good on debut and the bullpen really kept us in this game after a poor start from Hill Go Mets
  18. Madelyn Burke @MadelynBurke Joe Judge says still unclear the severity of OL Shane Lemieux’s knee injury, says “I will say this: the worst case scenario seems to be avoided” Adds Lemieux is eager to get back on the field, “He’s like a wild animal, he’d chew his way out of a bear trap”
  19. hopefully it is just a sprain and Lemieux will just miss a bit of camp and be back mid Aug ...........anyway , wasnt he the worst pass blocking guard in the NFL last year ? they seem to bring the cart out all the time nowadays .....and he walked to the cart on his own and had no ice packs or braces applied according to Art Stapleton
  20. huge game over here tonight ...........come on England ! ( England have not been to a Final of the Euros or World Cup since 1966 ) .......is the long wait over ?
  21. Might come over for the Panthers game on 24th October ...... depending on Covid restrictions in the Autumn. Haven’t been over for a game since 2012 FFS !
  22. England were immense in beating Ukraine 4-0 , I really think we should beat Denmark now to make the final. Football is coming home ( maybe )
  23. anyone just watch the Mets v Yankees game ..........crazy 7th innings with the Mets scoring 6 runs including a fan interference (some terrible pitching from Chapman ) Go Mets !
  24. Great comeback win for the Mets against the Braves. i thought Megill pitched very well with 8 SO until that rocket from Albies in the 5th for 3 runs. but what a strike from McCann when we really needed it in the 7th. i love it when we beat the Braves ....especially in that fashion
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