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  1. Great D but Love has to pick that off surely !
  2. Great D and nice to see us getting home with just a rush of 3
  3. Great drive , beautifully called by Garrett
  4. Giants by 3 ( Gano 52 yarder as time expires ) book it !
  5. Go Blue really want this one to shut Jerry up
  6. id love to see them beat Dallas just to wipe the smile of Jerry Jones's face i think Philly can beat WFT .....so yes its always good to be in the Divisional race in week 17 with a chance of winning the NFC Least ( and if we are awful and lose again.......top 5 pick ....) ill take those 2 options after a 0-5 and 1-7 start. Go Blue
  7. Giants not done yet thanks to Carolina and Dallas ..........
  8. Slayton is just not good enough .... massive disappointment this year
  9. lets have a quick 7 to make it interesting ...........deep heave to Slayton ( with no Safety perhaps ) ?
  10. liking Pettis .........might be part of this next year
  11. time to turn this game off i reckon !
  12. and i thought our D was a little bit better than this ........
  13. yuk ........... but Gano is a keeper
  14. get it to Pettis a bit more ....nice
  15. lets have a bloody TD before the half Daniel or i'm opening the Laphroaig !!!
  16. well we cant score more than 17 points so this is over ........ top 10 draft pick please
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