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  1. Hi TBCV , im not from London ( i live 200 miles north near York ) ....but i would head to Soho. I was out there on Sat night and it was fantastic. Hundreds of good restaurants. Covent Garden area nearby is also worth a good look for food. All the best UK
  2. I’m in London today for the Jets Atlanta game …… will catch the Giants game in a bar later ( I’ll be drunk because I’ve just had my first beer now at 10.00 a.m UK time 🍺 cheers
  3. inevitable really and i wish him luck. Good guy just not a Major League Manager. i hope we get Billy Beane as President .....that would be a fantastic move if Cohen can make it happen. ( he's only 59 and he knows Sandy well , and of course we first drafted him back in the early 80’s ) what a story that would be !
  4. That 3rd and 2 with 7 mins to go in the 4th that NO had ( leading 21-10 ) was an amazing stop ( Ojulari and Carter ) huge!! then a great punt return by Board and the brilliant TD by Saquon on the very next play ( and a 2 pt conversion ) wow what a turn around
  5. Great win ……. Saved Judge’s arse !
  6. What a 4th Q comeback from Danny Eli Dimes
  7. Come on let’s bloody do this
  8. Any win right now would be incredible
  9. Come on Dimes …… do an Eli
  10. “don’t worry guys …. We’ll be alright “ 0-9 coming
  11. Pathetic …… Go Mets ( goodnight )
  12. Mets totally meaningless game starts in about 10 mins v Braves …… I might turn over
  13. Try the 66 yarder FFS ….. we are in a dome !
  14. In fairness if you had offered me a tie at the half I would have taken it …….. at least we are in the game
  15. Yep and they get the ball to start the 2nd half
  16. Perfect pass by Danny Dimes …… nice TD Ross
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