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  1. These kinds of games are good. Nice watching the backups to look for nuggets
  2. Hey Shakes......any Oline in the mix yet?
  3. Oh, and Trevor Lawrence is as gay as a three dolla bill! Not that there’s Anything wrong with that
  4. Wow the Jets just picked a QB who hasn’t really played an important game maybe ever. NY will be a shit show tomorrow!
  5. This season is over. What a freakin nightmare.
  6. He already has 2 kids, right? What’s the problem now? Less lead in the pencil?
  7. There would be a baby boom amount NFL players
  8. Lawdy, lawdy, lawdy, lawdy, lawdy, lawdy, lawdy, lawdy, I don’t know nothin about birthing no babies!
  9. Useless fuck of a QB in Minnesota but for fucks sake he needs to get his fucking team in gear
  10. The Cleveland browns have a better record than the giants and an easier path to the playoffs.....SMH
  11. Stat of the day.....eagles should have 50 hung on em today.....they are really banged up n lookin like it in 1st qtr
  12. This fucking insolence has been duly noted and hi lighted......
  13. I see three top candidates for a month in the next Gmen Calendar Of Hunks!
  14. I said that shit on the Dullass MB before I got the ban hammer
  15. Can happen to anybody in the game! Our front needs to get better
  16. Wow.......look at this fancy new section I found.......fancy!
  17. Giants next pick better be a nice big 375 lb Olineman
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