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  1. I think you set the draft for 4 AM.
  2. OK so when is the draft and how do I set my keepers? I forget who was on my team last season. This Sunday is no good, driving to the beach. Unless in the evening.
  3. Thanks, in years past we had to post them or PM. Lugs, is there anyway you can push the time back if you are insistent on doing it next Sunday? I really wish we could do it the Sunday on Labor Day weekend. I'm at Hatteras Island next week.
  4. What's that supposed to mean? How many keepers? How do I set them? Do I just List here?
  5. Lug, can we change draft time? How many keepers can we have, and how do we set them?
  6. Can we change the draft time please? I'm at Hatteras Island that Sunday. That Friday or Saturday would be better.
  7. I guess this is for Lugs league because I don't see any other threads on fantasy? Anyway, I can't make the draft on 8/27 as I'll be at the beach. The following Sunday evening, 9/3, would be best.
  8. Good man, yourself? I was surprised actually, I thought there would be tons of Pats fans...but it sounded only 15%...sounded and looked like Dallas had more fans...which makes ZERO sense because Dallas is here every year and like 1500K miles away...New England is next door...and a much more successful team...
  9. Who here went? If you did go, could you please answer my questions? Lots of Pats fans? Didn't look or sound nearly like what I expected. I'd say 10-15% tops or more closer to 10...from what I saw and heard it sounded and looked like Dallas and San Francisco had a lot more. Heck...speaking of heartbreak endings...it sounded louder back in 2001 when James Trash caught the TD on Monday Night. Surprising, and yet another reason why I can't stand the Niners or Cowboys.
  10. I've been using streamhub.uk. What's happened is say there are 7 links, some work, some don't. I almost never have them running until 5 minutes into the game. I had a good stream for the 1st half last week....then after halftime it was pausing...had to jump to another stream. I also still get a ton of pop ups, some telling me urgent, spyware, call xxxxxxxxxx. I ignore it. Is this normal for most or just me?
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