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  1. Jason Garrett is an absolute play calling idiot . season is over . when is the draft again?
  2. Blue-White Scrimmage, airing Saturday, August 29 at 6 p.m. ET and Friday, September 4th at 7 p.m. ET. The "Giants Blue-White Scrimmage Special" on NBC 4 New York
  3. What I was aluding to was 5:25-6:55. Is this what our Offense will be behind Garrett as OC or was Garrett "told" by the new Crypt keeper "I want it done this way" . either way I would expect to see a lot of Play action for us this year.
  4. So, I watched this youtube video and in it the guy talks about the way Dak and Zeke are used in the playcalling . I would guess the million dollar question is, Will Garrett do the same to Jones and Barkley? or was Garrett simply being a puppet.
  5. Gross-Matos / Davidson 2nd rd Biadasz / Cushenberry 3rd rd I think it may be Biadasz in the second though and Davidson in the third Gettleman " We want to fix this offensive line once and for all"
  6. I do not know how well the Draft coverage will work this year . I wont be seeing any of it Live though. I have to work Night shift. GO Giants ps...... New SW template????
  7. The Giants suck so bad they suck at sucking.
  8. so 3 weeks in a row the giants miss a pat attempt albeit the 3rd was a bad snap which the improvised 2 pt conversion failed
  9. Safe is the nucleus, Jones,Barkley,Engram ,Hernandez, Helipino probably tate, slayton on O on D Peppers. Philips Mayo looks like player and coachable need connley back. needs surprise surprise OL DBs and edge rushers
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