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  1. Well good night fellas 3:30 comes early GO GMen.
  2. now lets hope the Secondary doesn't shit the bed
  3. Barkley needs to get outside of the tackles
  4. what the fuck was that play?
  5. no more free plays in the NFL I guess?
  6. Aikman looks like he's been tokin
  7. Well.......... at least we are not Green Bay Winston and crew are lighting them up 38-3
  8. Slayton your damn WR in the NFL you are paid to catch a football. you have had 4 drops today. Bet you dont drop your paycheck.......
  9. It's like he doesn't have any peripheral vision or doesn't know how to read progressions.
  10. Yeah we didn't get called for delay of game........ Jones throws incomplete in the endzone..... probably the only time you want to get called for delay of game
  11. there we go we needed that now maybe the OL will play pissed off
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