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  1. This is a big with Manchester City gents. I'm having a hard time understanding how they get penalized 2 years and I can see them getting that dropped to 1 but it's a huge break for the teams below them. What's the feeling over there UK?
  2. Just the mention of his name on the eagles mb had them in ecstasy.
  3. Marcus Golden would be a better option. Armstead and Ygannoue are both younger than Clowney and would be just as effective. Shaq Barrett also. I'd rather spend on one of those.
  4. So does the XFL get through the first season?
  5. Thing about that team is that you feel they could play better. The offense just seems to be a bunch of real good athletes who can make more plays than mistakes. If Mahomes matures and slows down a tad, this could be a fixture for a while.
  6. I've said it before, I'd take Andy Reid as my coach any day of the week. You just know your chances of winning goes up with him there.
  7. Good luck. I'm sitting with 9 and 4 and 0 and 2. So better luck next year.
  8. boohyah

    Eli retiring

    Giants handled this whole ceremony with class yesterday. And there's nothing more you can say about Eli in terms of class. The last 6 seasons weren't a whole lot to write home about, but he never threw anyone under bus, coaches, players.organization. You could see yesterday how much the Giants meant to him and what Eli meant to Mara. Good stuff, easy to be a fan of this organization yesterday. The last few weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster, you just get the feeling now we're getting our shit together.
  9. It'll only matter if we turn it around next year, which means all our coordinators will start getting noticed.
  10. Yeah UK. No issue. I don't have too many places to vent to I do it here, but regardless how I feel about Liverpool. that team right now is just humming and the confidence is sky high. That's all Klopp. We have to get over ourselves. You guys got ridiculed for the Van Dyck transfer fee being so high, but it ends up being a bargain. Here we are haggling with guys that we should have in here by now. Always said that Liverpool in the 70/80's were special and they were, but this team is damn close right now.
  11. I mean we're out of ideas but I'm not sure what he can do sometimes. i think Mata didn't start today because he's not the fastest. But when he went on for Pereira, we improved. Guys like Periera, Matic have no business out there. Fred tries but he's asked to be a workhorse type and he's not that at all. McTominay is missed. Now we're hearing that United are balking at paying agent fees for Bruno Fernandes. We don't have that sort of leverage anymore. Haaland used to play for Ole in Norway and wanted to come to us, but again, we had problems we money received from future selloffs and the fucker ends up in Dortmund and scores a hat trick for them this week off the bench. Even Di Gea is gone back. The first header went straight in over his head, the 2nd over his foot. Look, no hiding the fact now, Liverpool are just miles ahead of everyone right now. But you look at today and you go imagine if we had a creative midfielder. Well done UK.
  12. Honestly even if this doesn't work out for some reason this is a good pickup. I think a Jason Garrett puts in solid years at OC and this team improves, he'll be back in the running for a HC again. Bitch about this organization all you want, they said they'd think outside the box and that's happening.
  13. Oh Gallery of course
  14. Anyone know of any sites?. The only one I use is the Draft Network. I think it's time to start getting some ideas.
  15. I could be home all day and have only sports channels on my tv, but I'd pick up a book and read it before I would ever turn on the bullshit that on sports channels during the day. I think you have to be out of your mind to watch assholes like Stephen a Smith and Max Kellerman and Skip Bayless. Experts on nothing!
  16. I had his jersey. I said on here that he was the 2nd biggest talent this team had after lt. No regrets saying it at the time. But you sign a big contract and then you take a piss on the org on national TV for no reason then it's good riddance.
  17. Well things took a turn for the worst last night with Rashford getting hurt. We are bringing an inform Juan Mata........
  18. The Panthers are Christian Mc Caffrey and nothing else. Expect Greg Olsen to retire soon. And Cam right now is crocked.
  19. They did the right thing even if it seemed at the time it was lunacy. The guy bashing the franchise on that interview was enough. Enjoy Cleveland.
  20. To be honest uk. I see this weekend a 1-1 draw. Get the feeling we will get up for this one.
  21. I hope he does well a la his stint at the Vikings. He's a good guy just not a good head coach. The one part gettleman got right was at least he was an adult. Unlike McAdoo who just got goofier as the year went on
  22. When City get going it's too hard to stop. I think they'll beat Liverpool in the next meeting.
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