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  1. We can sign him for around $4 Million.This is a win for us if we do this. Sucks for him.
  2. I won $12 on scratch cards. Every birthday my mother buys me scratch cards, about $20 worth. This year I won $12. Good return on investment Mom!!
  3. They are offering refunds. Too bad, I was about to buy 2 PSL"s on the 50 and Season tickets.
  4. Terrible. But that was one guy of many that never showed up. He's going to get killed for the lineup but everyone out there today has played plenty this year and it's not like Chelsea weren't missing anyone. Kante was missing, reserve keeper in goal. Just a bad performance but there were some clear indications today who has a future and who doesn't. Ole has some major decisions to make this offseason and the Dean Henderson deal is pretty high on that list.
  5. That was fucked up no question. I actually met the guy on the street around 79th street just after he retired and folks swarmed him when they realized who he was, but he was very cool with everyone.
  6. Nah, a few years there was hate. There was hate on here. Time might have cooled that down but it existed. He dared call out Eli. And then he got shit on after we won the superbowl. Deserved, somewhat. But when you hear guys say that he didn't run hard in his last season, it had more to do with how he acted, not how he played. Because if you watched him play you knew how hard he played. His game against the team formerly known as the Redskins may have been the best game a Giant outside of LT ever played.
  7. Agreed. This whole hate on Tiki is ridiculous. He has acted like a dick but he was stellar as a Giant. And yeah, Rodney will always be the man. That's the 27 who ran hard.
  8. Have to wonder how city go from a 2 year ban to just a 10 million pound fine? Bit absurd.
  9. Sean Dyche and Chris Wilder should get 100% pay raises for the jobs they do.
  10. Why not just call themselves the Senators.
  11. Because he didn't hit the line yard enough, he was often stood up and targeted by linebacker and linemen. That has a lingering effect over time when a big guy like him ends being battered. He was also remarkably ineffective on 3rd and shorts and that was what we thought would be his speciality. We were often off the field when we should have been on it.He was a good player, not great. Good teamate, good blocker. He was a specimen. But Bradshaw was better overall
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