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  1. Canada look like they'll make the world cup easily.
  2. Just couldn't keep him on. It's gotten so ugly. But honestly I'd bench some of these fucking guys. The first penalty was a Fernandes (has been bad since the first game) miskick. And Maguire literally trips himself into the second yellow. Unreal watching mistakes you coach kids not to make.
  3. Haven't posted in a while, but I figured today would be a good day to do so! My goodness UK. That was a hammering. Liverpool scored everything down the left and we couldn't stop it. The crazy part it's happened so much this season. Shaw and Maguire were absolute muck, but you can't help but say Salah was ridiculous and you clearly have your defense back in order. United have such a mess on their hands because this is the worst they've played in years. How do you think about firing a legend, and have a guy like Conte and Zidane floating out there. Even the legends are having to change their tune. Scholes called out Ole's tactics during the week and predicted Liverpool would be up 4-0 at half time. JR, I thought QPR looked real sharp early on, come back to earth a bit, but look like a playoff team to me right now. They might finally be running that team properly.
  4. Yeah, the whole thing seems a bit dead and this playing in different countries doesn't feel right at all. I don't see anything on Germany right now that indicates they will beat England. Listening to 606 yesterday and it was shocking to hear the negativity from England fans mad at Southgate because he didn't have them come second.
  5. How is everything gents?. UK, I watched one game in the Euros, Denmark and Finland and I had it on 5 minutes when Erikson colapsed. That was rough to watch.
  6. I'm not so much suggesting Lemieux will get dropped, I think Hernandez will slide over and Zeitler will be cut.
  7. I think those of you wishing for Engram to depart in the offseason are going to be very disappointed. I also don't think Will Hernandez is going anywhere but back onto the starting lineup next season. Lemieux showed promise but his pass blocking was abysmal.
  8. I was hoping it was Spud.
  9. Ugh, I simply can't ever have hopes anymore. I mean they just let City come in and win this game, not enough fight. I don't know what Maguire's issue is in the 5 yard box but it seems to involve avoiding clearing the ball.
  10. Golladay perhaps. The other guys no.
  11. They have the right coach now. That alone means we are on the right track.
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