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  1. I don't disagree, but I think some of that is born naturally out of futility. Win, and players will play with this or that. Lose, and they're staying out of the game.
  2. I'd think it's about just getting bodies on the field, but wait til DG gives him 4x vet min
  3. Folks don't want to play when there is no hope to win. Sounds like they're all accepting that the season is over after 6 weeks.
  4. I understand the process, but if I was Judge,I would've sat him based on lack of practice time, even though personally, it was to give his brain an extra week to recover. At most, I'd have had him dress, but in backup role to Glennon only to go in game in case of injury to Glennon.
  5. I think the decision to start Jones in the first place against the Rams is a suspect decision given our line, injuries, concussion, etc
  6. What point spread would you bet an amount that matters on the Panthers covering? Assuming no Golloday, Thomas, Toney, or Barkley?
  7. Tide is turning on Judge/Gettleman...but don't think either is gone yet. There have been flashes from both we all like and flashes we don't. Mediocrity doesn't succeed, but neither do quick triggers. I think both get another year.
  8. Just gotta wait til Judy bites it so Tommy C can come back
  9. Yep...in a year where we have 2 first rounders, we still find ourselves behind in our division ...unless we give them a couple wins, which may happen because we're fuckin terrible
  10. Just looked at updated draft order...guess who has 3 picks in the top 9 overall? Hint: not us
  11. 50 pass to 22 rush? I know playing from behind, but Jeebus...Jones concussion, no practice, no Golloday, no Toney...o line injuries
  12. At we mathematically eliminated from playoffs yet?
  13. Jones didn't practice all week, probably has something to do with it. Coaches trusting him to play is a big strike against them.
  14. Half our starters are on the shelf already, no?
  15. When do the Rams pull their starters?
  16. 1 fumble, 3 picks on Jones....have not watched the game, but that doesn't come across as playing well
  17. We were gonna lose to the Rams anyway...rest them all
  18. That was PI....robbed on that one
  19. Bradberry llooked ok on that at 1st, but did have arm around waist...good call
  20. Bradberry needs to disrupt off the line and Love, I think it was, took a terrible angle...not that they wouldn't have scored anyway
  21. Will watch the whole game. Here's hoping DJ signs next to Eli
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