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  1. I'm speaking more to the play on the field than whatever is said after the game. I think when you're talking to the press, you sort of have to weigh your words carefully. I'm talking about when someone blows a coverage, misses a tackle, etc. there doesn't seem to be anyone pissed about it, including the player himself. These guys are happy losers.
  2. Results are more important than the process. Like I said in another thread... is anyone mad at David Tyree's shit week of practice before the Super Bowl?
  3. There's a great chance that once he gets up to speed on the playbook, he'll be the next Kyle Rudolph for us.
  4. I did see that but I thought it had been something minor like an ankle sprain.
  5. Remember a few weeks ago when I was banging the drum for Tyrell Crosby when he was on waivers? Yeah nevermind. Nate Solder is a way better idea.
  6. 14 points. They're better than us, but not that good.
  7. Exactly. I'm leaning more and more towards hiring a GM/HC combo from the Ravens. Their rosters are just always stocked.
  8. Nope. I only watched this one because I was at my dad's house. I've been more or less skipping the games too.
  9. I'm already on the record for Fire Gettleman, have a fire sale, and start over.
  10. This is exactly the type of thing I mean when I say, "these coaches and GMs outsmart themselves."
  11. Agreed. You don't need to have headcases and criminals on the team. I don't think a Terrell Owens and Vontaze Burfict necessarily elevates the play of the team. But give me a Jesse Armstead. Give me a Michael Strahan. Give me a Brandon Jacobs. Shit, remember that game where Ahmad Bradshaw broke off a 17-yard run and then bounced up... to call out Victor Cruz on the field for whiffing on his block? I want THAT fucking guy out there. We literally have zero of those on the team. Zero.
  12. Oh, so... literally the exact opposite of what we should be doing. That's great.
  13. I'll copy and paste what I wrote on Reddit when someone asked me that. To be honest, I haven't really gotten that far ahead yet... towards the end of the season I'll probably start taking a deeper dive into those types of things. If you forced me to pick now, I'd probably want Joe Hortiz from the Ravens as GM, and either Greg Roman or Wink Martendale to come with him. I'd prefer Roman, as he's actually done what I spoke about with my original post; when the team went to Jackson as their QB, he completely revamped the offense to take advantage of his skill set as opposed to trying to "square peg" him into what they were already doing. Despite being pretty young, Hortiz has been with that franchise forever, they've got great working relationships with college teams, and he got to learn under Ozzie Newsome and then Eric DeCosta. They consistently get good drafts out of that organization and that's what we really need right now.
  14. Yeah, they're a little slow on the uptake. I also fully expect Garrett to be stripped of playcalling duties week 16 or so. Don't wanna go fucking up the process.
  15. I started a new workout last week... all dumbbells, full body, 3 days/week. The workouts are only about 25 minutes and don't feel like they do shit... but I'm always sore the next day and can feel myself getting stronger.
  16. I don't trust the process anymore. Now I'm in a submarine. https://twitter.com/ZackBlatt/status/1449851173180215298?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1449851173180215298|twgr^|twcon^s1_c10&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fd-4295776261094599272.ampproject.net%2F2110011758000%2Fframe.html
  17. After that third pick, three Giants defenders made business decisions on that Kupp TD. They had clearly given up.
  18. Bill Belichick is the best coach in the history of the league. However, his draft picks have been pretty terrible of late and his coaching tree sucks. In the past two years the team has looked like ass. Meanwhile, Tom Brady won the Super Bowl last year and looks like he'll probably do it again this year. Was it Brady all along?
  19. I think it's pretty much unanimous at this point... Getty and Judge need to be shown the door. Who's on your wish list for the Giants to bring in for GM and HC?
  20. Team has quit on him. He needs to go too. Though honestly I'd rather see Garrett hit the road.
  21. I didn't see all three, but the Engram one was 100% on Jones. He threw into triple coverage... to Evan Engram.
  22. He's had three awful picks. He shouldn't be playing today.
  23. Fire Gettleman today, have Abrams ditch as many of these contracts as possible these next two weeks. Garrett also needs to be gone on Monday. I'll call the plays and get you 10 points a game.
  24. Dunno about all of you, but I trust the process.
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