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  1. Guess they liked what they saw in minicamp.
  2. He needs to be off the team. The fans are going to just fucking kill him the first time he drops a pass this season.
  3. I don't remember who the opponent was... I think maybe Green Bay... but there was one game two or three years ago where we were coming off a Monday Night game, the opponent was coming off a bye, and we had to travel to play them for a 1PM game. It was such bullshit... the opponent literally got twice the rest and preparation and of course we got fucking crushed.
  4. I went and watched more video... dude looks like a 4th round linebacker.
  5. I think we'll like Jamin too.
  6. Oh don't get me wrong, there's plenty of suck to go around on that side of the ball... makes you wonder why we more or less ignored it after the first pick. I was pounding the table for them to grab Tremble or Josh Palmer in the 3rd. That being said, we had the 31st ranked O-line last year and jettisoned our best player in that unit. Adding your 6th corner isn't going to help evaluate your franchise (or not) QB and honestly, that should be the focus of this upcoming season. I don't think any Giants fan wants another year of "well, Daniel Jones might be the answer, but with a 36% pressure
  7. It was the most glaring weakness on the team and we didn't address it at all. Very disappointing.
  8. Also he's a 100% punk bitch. I don't want that crybaby on this team; he'll be asking for Judge to be fired by the second preseason game.
  9. You know he's gonna be a Hall of Famer too because he has a giant gap in his teeth.
  10. I come across the motherfucker's dope-ass rap... in a fucking SLAYER tee. I seriously love this kid.
  11. Wondering if there's any team that can trade an interior lineman to us for a package of Beal or Yiadom and Evan Engram.
  12. First of all, it's great to see you my man. I've been hearing this line of thinking quite a bit, and my problem with it is that it still doesn't jive. In the three drafts Gettleman had before this one, he's selected three O-linemen. In those same drafts, he's picked seven DBs. Last year, our defensive backfield was a strength, with two excellent starters, a promising rookie backup, a serviceable swing guy, and now two starting caliber corners to pair with two nice looking slot CBs. We even have a 3rd round supplemental guy that you can hope for if you wanna throw him in. On the line
  13. He can. He also likely to start the season on the PUP list. I disagree. The 2007 Giants didn't look like a Super Bowl team , but when Shockey got hurt, Kevin Boss was a more than adequate replacement. When Bradshaw was given more reps, he produced. Aaron Ross, Steve Smith, even Alford, DeOssie, and Michael Johnson contributed greatly to that run. The 2011 team... ok, you've got a point. That rookie class was straight dogshit. My point though is that we have a decent-to-good center and two backup guards starting, with not even a "promising rookie with potential" behind them,
  14. I think he'll be the "always open" guy that the team really needs.
  15. I agree, and I remember that we were still in that Green Bay playoff game until DRC went down. On the other hand though... we're one injury away from having no recieving TE (I'd argue we don't have one right now). We're another from essentially having last year's WR and RB corps. We have no starting RG on the team. Let's not forget too that our big 3 playmakers (Barkley, Golladay, Engram) have spent significant portions of their careers on IR. Evaluating Jones is supposed to be a priority this season but right now he's got no starting caliber interior O-linemen. Knowing what we've go
  16. Some priority FAs I wouldn't mind seeing in blue: WR - Sage Surrat, Tamorrion Terry, Trevin Grimes DT - Marvin Wilson G - Alaric Jackson, Kayode Awosika RB - Pooka Williams Jr, Jarret Patterson, Trey Ragas Or you know, five more corners.
  17. I felt like we really had one glaring weakness going into the draft, and that was interior OL. We did nothing to address it. Looks like another long season for the offense.... tough to run or throw the ball when there's a DT five yards in the backfield on every play, and Lemieux and Hernandez don't look like NFL starters.
  18. Or fuck it, let's take a free-agent RB and are fiftieth corner. Fuck this draft.
  19. I loved the first two picks. I think Toney will be a difference-maker and I was pretty stoked that Ojulari was available when we picked in the second. I also love the picks we have next year, but looking at how the bottom-half of the draft played out, I'm not sure I trust the front office to do the most with them. My disappointments: 3rd - Aaron Robinson - honestly he looks like he might develop into a nice player, but we're already stacked in the defensive backfield. Josh Palmer (WR) and Tommy Tremble (TE) are not only going to be better NFL players in my opinion, but they fill much
  20. Still good names left. Trey Smith, Deonte Brown, Sage Surrat, Marquez Stevenson, Marvin Wilson, Tamorrion Terry, Shaka Toney, Quincy Roche, a bunch of quality RBs. I'd be happy with any of those guys. No more Edge and CBs though, please.
  21. I know what you mean, but "fuck the other team" isn't really a good way to run YOUR team. In related news, Daniel Jones just took his fourth sack this draft. I guess the plan is "let Jones get killed back there."
  22. Yiadom took a pay cut. He's still on the team. We also have Beal, Love, and Holmes like you've said. All can be spot starters. Meanwhile we still have no RG, and much better players were there that fit needs (Tremble, Perkins, etc). I have no idea why you'd trade the only pick away that you have in the 5th to move up five sports to get your 5th corner, maybe.
  23. Whelp, there goes Tremble... this year's George Kittle. Awesome though, we still have Evan Engram to not block and drop balls.
  24. We traded our fifth to get another corner when we already have six million fucking DBs?
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