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  1. CJ Board looks to be pretty roughed up. They're saying "only" a concussion but leaving on a stretcher is never a good sign. Who's out there that may be able to come in and contribute? I liked what I saw out of Corey Coleman this summer, not sure why we cut him. Maybe someone like Binjamin Victor comes up from the practice squad?
  2. Yeah they do exactly what they're supposed to. Great hang time, let the coverage team run down and stop the returner at the 15. Dude is money across the board.
  3. I don't want the team to lose, but in a hopeless season I'd like them to look GOOD when they win, not fall into victories ass-first. If we had won against Pittsburgh this way I'd be ecstatic. Likewise if we had beaten Washington by 3 TDs. However, I didn't come out of this game thinking we'd turned some kind of corner, we just sucked slightly less than another bottom-5 team. Draft position matters, ask Andrew Thomas and Chase Young.
  4. Can somebody translate this from Canadian? I don't understand.
  5. Beating a 1-4 team at this point in the season in the worst division in football does not nothing but keep us from drafting Trevor Lawrence. If we had a convincing victory, looked good, etc I'd be excited... we still looked like shit, the Redskins just sucked more. Fuck this team.
  6. This team beat the worst team in the league by one point. All we did was fuck up our draft position... it's not like we played well, were dominant, or looked particularly good. Even when we win we fucking lose. Fuck this team.
  7. I hate to say it but I hope we lose this game. If we were dominating against a 1-4 team I'd feel good moving forward. Beating a team this bad by 3 points only ruins your draft position.
  8. Yeah its like if you could take his legs and put them on Thomas' upper body you'd have a ten-year All-Pro.
  9. Matt Peart in for Andrew Thomas. Not looking terrible so far.
  10. Well, when we pair Darius Slayton with Sterling She---AWW! Hurt again!
  11. Have to admit though, I did like Austin Mack coming out of college.
  12. I thought Coleman looked really good this preseason. I'm not gonna question too much because we're talking about the #4 WR spot on the team but we're complaining that nobody can get separation and stretch the field and Coleman definitely did both of those for us when he was healthy, and was a really good kick returner.
  13. Those guys are all on their rookie contracts.
  14. But if I was these players would all currently be on our roster: Laremy Tunsil George Kittle Quentin Nelson Nick Chubb Orlando Brown Josh Allen (DE) A. J. Brown Jedrick Wills Chase Claypool Josh Jones ...not for nothing, but isn't it about time we give Seph a shot at the GM job?
  15. I've been impressed. Way better than I thought he'd be.
  16. I'm going with "sign best OL in free agency." Joe Thuney would be a nice target, and there's three OTs available that are all better than what we have. I'm tired of the Thomas/Flowers/Hernandez/Richburg/Pugh habit of drafing a guy high who sucks. To be fair, I'm also tired of the Nate Solder "signing a guy who sucks" but at this point I'd be more inclined to go with the sure thing.
  17. I thought he was having a pretty nice season. Definitely passed the eye test.
  18. This is also possible. He may just be outright released.
  19. He's on pace this season for 7TDs, 18 INTs, and a 68 QB rating. You don't get more than a 5th for that no matter how much potential you have.
  20. Wow, WRs too. My new plan is: get a top-flight O-lineman and a #1 WR in free agency.
  21. Wow, actually looking at the FA class this upcoming year, there's a ton of good tackles to pick from.
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