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  1. It's the Panthers with a bunch of second rate QBs. He was fired because Rhule wanted him to run the ball more.
  2. That throw looked like he was gearing up for a 50 yard throw, it was 10 yards upfield. lol
  3. I didn't really expect better, but fuck this is depressing.
  4. Panthers fired Joe Brady as OC. Former offensive assistant that drove the LSU championship in 2019. Might be a good fit.
  5. No it's been that way all game, seems like every play Glennon is fucking yelling for the ball to be snapped. I wonder if it isn't a little quick.
  6. As a pulling guard, that's your chance to knock someone's head off, and he looked completely caught off guard that there would be anyone coming.
  7. That was the worst effort I have ever seen by a lineman.
  8. And it isn't like Glennon is throwing any lasers out there. Eveything seems to be taking 30 seconds to arrive at the receiver.
  9. Glennon looks scared to fucking death everytime he has to throw anything but a screen.
  10. That's true. I think you made the comment last week about Hurts enjoying his 40 game career, and I think that was spot on. It's fun to see a chunk of yards, like DJ had against the Saints (I think), but yeah QBs don't last long outside of the pocket.
  11. I read that as they just "execute" that Booker "screen". lol
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