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  1. Very bad. I just never bet on a bad team to beat another bad team on the road by more than 3
  2. We suck but they’re a bad team on the road. 2.5
  3. I wanted roman for the exact same reason two years ago.
  4. Jesus Christ I can see that too edit: nm I thought I was in the “who is getting hired” thread
  5. I think whoever the color guy is is going to ask the rams to go steady
  6. why aren't these announcers explaining the penalties to us?
  7. I gotta stop playing giants in fantasy
  8. wow, toney might have the best agility i've ever seen
  9. hey a throw past the sticks on 3rd and super long!
  10. Really would like to err on the side of caution here.
  11. Yeah I love that guy. My favorite follow on Twitter
  12. The joke died with sam hinke’s career
  13. I only saw the play once but I remember thinking he had the southwest corner of the end zone too but didn’t commit to it fast enough and looked at a closer run first
  14. I was waiting for this response lol
  15. Someone should tell spencer he was a second rounder
  16. Lol Allen used a company email account to send nude photos of his employees. It’s amazing to see how dumb most of the people who succeed in life are
  17. The correct answer was Josh Allen anyway 🤷‍♂️
  18. Yeah Hernandez made it easier to swallow. The rationale being there was a chance that star rb + 2nd best guard was better than best guard + whoever we would’ve taken in the 2nd round. I was prob just trying to be optimistic though
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