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    Lol I came here to make this thread. I’ll always love that 2011 season where he ate the whole league
  2. Giants sign QB Joe Webb to reserve/future contract Jan 08, 2021 at 11:18 AM The New York Giants have signed versatile quarterback Joe Webb to a reserve/future contract. Webb was signed to the team's practice squad on December 8 and promoted to the active roster on December 19. He appeared in two games for the Giants on special teams and recorded one solo tackle before being waived on January 2. Originally a sixth-round pick of the Vikings in 2010, Webb has played for six teams during his 10 years in the NFL The 34-year-old has compiled a versatile
  3. I’d take golladay in a second
  4. Ike was a more valuable member of the team
  5. The fact that he’s not fired tells me it was an organizational decision. Going for it on 4th and goal down 17-14 is all they need to see since neither qb is that great (right now)
  6. I think so. They learned how to win. I did love 2016 though, that defense was awesome all year right up until cobb got away with that hail mary push off at half time of the gb game.
  7. it completely swung the momentum. they owed us at least one.
  8. Wow that last hurts int is one of the worst I’ve ever seen
  9. Lol 3 losses in a row and we can still make the playoffs next week
  10. If they knew what they were doing they would have a job in the NFL
  11. McCoy needs to teach that pocket awareness to Jones
  12. I knew you were joking but I wasn’t about to stop them
  13. Wrong yoga helps you spit fire at M. Bison
  14. Looks like he wasn’t ready to come back
  15. way to hold onto the ball during one of your 5 plays, lewis
  16. plenty of time. these guys need to get open
  17. nevermind they gave him a favorable spot
  18. I’m laying off. He picked the qb and he picked the coach and neither were safe picks. That buys a ton of goodwill
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