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  1. Sounds like we dodged a bullet early
  2. I don’t remember the details but his dead cap was higher than his cap number still if he was cut before 6/1. After 6/1 would’ve been a small savings and dead cap carryover to next year
  3. Yeah unfortunately it would’ve cost more to cut him.
  4. We ain’t having a losing season, pal!
  5. Pats co-oline coach now too. See ya!
  6. Good. He can stay the fuck home if he doesn’t care about public health
  7. But he’s just misunderstood
  8. We were going for a few years but even after you stomach the cost it’s a fucking bitch to get out of the complex after games
  9. I almost want to go to the game now
  10. If I love my coach I keep him during rebuilding years. They obviously didn’t like him
  11. Same, I was very against his firing at the time. 4 playoff trips in 7 seasons, one nfc title, one coach of the year award. 1997 we win the division with kannel at qb and our fb as our leading rusher. Then in 2003 coming off a playoff appearance the entire team gets hurt and they fire him. Bad decision that worked out for us bc his replacement was good
  12. Our offense went bonkers as soon as he took over the play calling. Then the niners game happened...
  13. Probably at his bar drinking a bourbon finally. He had a really rough pandemic
  14. Dude got a bad shake as far as his coaching career goes. Did a great job here. RIP
  15. Really hope he’s more than harvin. Gadget wrs are fine to have on your team but I want more out of a first rounder
  16. Can’t have too many corners. Injury rate is high and teams run 3-4 wr sets regularly
  17. I just hope he keeps the pick to himself whoever it is
  18. As long as he doesn’t stuff it into his sweatpants I’m ok with it
  19. These were tweeted out seconds before the pick. A few minutes earlier vacchiano said he thought they’d go OL or edge. The whole NY media said smith was the guy yesterday morning. Serious leakage
  20. Maybe if gettleman didn’t tell everybody who he was picking every year this wouldn’t happen
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