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  1. Same. I honestly just turned a few nfl guys on this week and then I’m turning them off again. I hate notifications
  2. My wife got me an Apple Watch as a gift recently. Finally found a good use for it!
  3. Don’t see any money details yet. Hopefully engram is gone now
  4. The best part about Glennon is that whenever he plays his sister gets on Twitter, searches name and argues with everybody who is talking shit about him. She’ll throw the line and wrs under the bus to defend him against every random person on the Internet
  5. Could do a lot worse at backup
  6. 1 year 2.5 mil. 3.5 sacks last year. 7 year before. Started 15 games for Minnesota last year
  7. Samuel to Washington. 3 years 34.5
  8. Reddick to panthers 1 year 8 mil
  9. It’s honestly the right move. If they cut him it would’ve been same cap savings and then they have to spend more to fill the roster spot eventually
  10. He’s getting 4 and his cap hit is 10ish I think
  11. Thomas stays at LT. Solder competes with Peart at RT
  12. The problem is he’s missed 44/64 games. We’ll prob never find out if he’ll ever be good because he can’t stay healthy
  13. Ross is hurt a lot. I am normally a fan of taking shots on guys like him at his age but I want to see what else we do first
  14. Anyone know what it is yet?
  15. I saw a tweet about this earlier and it made my blood boil.
  16. He’s a good player but this is more a result of the position being insanely thin across the league right now. And it’s a total bellichick move to see it as a competitive advantage to grab 2 of the 5-10 decent TEs in the league
  17. Agreed. Gettleman has a serious fucking problem with resource allocation to the rb position.
  18. Pats going back to Gronk/Hernandez era. Hunter Henry 3 for 37.5 25 mil guaranteed.
  19. No, you didn’t. I’m just saying if we cut him then we could have these two new guys and be right where we were cap-wise when yesterday started. Golladay seems like a pipe dream right now
  20. Cutting engram pays for both those guys yesterday.
  21. No, we had to address depth first I guess. Also I guess we’re keeping engram
  22. 2 years 22 mil 20 guaranteed to the Vikings
  23. Plus they let both their tackles leave
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