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  1. Yeah I love that guy. My favorite follow on Twitter
  2. The joke died with sam hinke’s career
  3. I only saw the play once but I remember thinking he had the southwest corner of the end zone too but didn’t commit to it fast enough and looked at a closer run first
  4. I was waiting for this response lol
  5. Someone should tell spencer he was a second rounder
  6. Lol Allen used a company email account to send nude photos of his employees. It’s amazing to see how dumb most of the people who succeed in life are
  7. The correct answer was Josh Allen anyway 🤷‍♂️
  8. Yeah Hernandez made it easier to swallow. The rationale being there was a chance that star rb + 2nd best guard was better than best guard + whoever we would’ve taken in the 2nd round. I was prob just trying to be optimistic though
  9. Been team Quentin Nelson on the record here since way before the draft. Didn’t want any of the qbs which was why I didn’t scream when we took Barkley.
  10. Yep. Between high supply and short shelf life running backs are the last piece of the puzzle. It’s been common knowledge for at least a decade but of course our front office was the last to learn it
  11. And to think I almost went to this game cuz they’re honoring the 2011 team. Hopefully John is on the field again for some boos
  12. I like Glennon but his style doesnt mix well with an o-line that isn’t blocking
  13. Toney makes both those guys miss. Would love to know why he’s not returning punts
  14. Thomas makes such a fucking difference
  15. Jesus we had blocking in front of booker on that stupid play too
  16. Boy is this defense getting bailed. This is the worst defense I’ve ever seen give up only 3 points in a quarter
  17. Are you kidding me? He got hurt on that freak play?
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