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  1. This guy was going through his progressions his rookie year. Two years of running for his life and he’s rushing the ball to his first option even when he has time. It’s the end of career shook Eli syndrome all over again
  2. Way too many throws to covered guys. That’s a good defense but I’m worried
  3. I’ve been very patient with Jones but there’s no way the most open guy on the field was always smothered. The guy might be a lost cause
  4. I was ready for the offense to struggle. Was not expecting the d to play like this
  5. Two arms wrapped around the football and he still can’t fucking hold onto it
  6. Fucking pathetic. I can’t believe they are letting Bridgewater dance around back there and make plays
  7. Jesus Christ theyve had the ball half the quarter
  8. So I guess this scrub is going to have a career game against us
  9. Nice. No way they would’ve overturned if they initially ruled Denver ball
  10. Luckily they called it in our favor cuz that’s close as fuck
  11. I was screaming about Nelson prior to that draft. It was a fucking slam dunk pick
  12. Me either, and I agree a three down back is insanely more valuable than a guy who can only run, but to me it’s one of the last pieces and we were missing a shit load at the time. I’m optimistic about the line this season and I’m a big fan of the coach, the qb and the defense, so maybe it all came together anyway and we can actually use this guy to score points, but when you have to rebuild the second worst team in football and you come in here talking about hog mollies it’s a head scratcher to have one sitting in your lap on a rookie contract and you take a rb instead.
  13. I am which is why I valued a top interior lineman over a top rb. If you’re referring to WAR, it’s almost twice as valuable a position as rb
  14. Passing up Quentin Nelson for any running back is a bust
  15. They’re pounding the win total over at the books. I went to the casino expecting to get it myself but -140 just isn’t worth it
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