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  1. They’re pounding the win total over at the books. I went to the casino expecting to get it myself but -140 just isn’t worth it
  2. I am. I’ve always wondered how smith would do at TE1
  3. Schwartz is notorious for saying anything he can to get attention and make it in the media game. He’s basically the Kendrick Perkins of football
  4. Damn, what are we going to do without the league leader in sacks allowed?
  5. It’ll be ok, I promise
  6. No structural damage
  7. Sounds like we dodged a bullet early
  8. I don’t remember the details but his dead cap was higher than his cap number still if he was cut before 6/1. After 6/1 would’ve been a small savings and dead cap carryover to next year
  9. Yeah unfortunately it would’ve cost more to cut him.
  10. We ain’t having a losing season, pal!
  11. Pats co-oline coach now too. See ya!
  12. Good. He can stay the fuck home if he doesn’t care about public health
  13. But he’s just misunderstood
  14. We were going for a few years but even after you stomach the cost it’s a fucking bitch to get out of the complex after games
  15. I almost want to go to the game now
  16. If I love my coach I keep him during rebuilding years. They obviously didn’t like him
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