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  1. Guaranteed written by guys who laughed at the pick. They always reach for any opportunity to manufacture a narrative that lessens the embarrassment of being wrong
  2. Looked him up on PFF. 1st in the NFL in sacks allowed (11)
  3. Yeah this team is full of likeable players right now. Gonna be a fun team to root for next season
  4. He’s perfect for Jones. Big fast down the middle of the field target for a Qb who throws a sick deep ball
  5. It’s rough. Seems like everyone else got signed immediately with a phone call and we gotta wait 3 days of due diligence to get our big fish
  6. I think that stat is usually a rate and not a whole number
  7. He seems to think he was just underutilized in the passing game the last few years in Minnesota. I guess we’ll find out
  8. Another thing about the wr market is that there is a just a ton of talent at the position in the nfl in general and teams are spreading the receiving stats around a bit more. So the supply is high and it’s a little more difficult to separate yourself with your numbers
  9. Agreed, getting a number 1 receiver bumps everyone down one notch on the pecking order and suddenly the entire weapons package is really good. Good point about not getting the ball too. The ravens give him a better chance to win, but they run a shitload and lamar’s deep ball compared to Jones’ deep ball is night and day. At golladays age I’m not looking to be a role player on a good team, my ego has me wanting to be a huge part of making a team jump a level into contention
  10. Didn’t like Patricia. Also allegedly sat out longer than he needed to (rest of season) after his hip injury. Neither of these things bother me. Patricia lost that entire locker room and this whole team loves Joe. I wouldn’t rush back to play for a coach/org I hated either if I was about to be a free agent
  11. I remember wanting to draft him years ago. In a vacuum I really don’t mind most of these cheap signings at all. I think they’re good shots
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