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  1. I’m out on this guy too. He’s all talk
  2. There is that at least. One turnover and 0 picks in 2 games
  3. He was nothing special before hurting his knee. Media has always liked him
  4. I can’t tell if heineke is good bc we just gave up back to back career games to him and Bridgewater
  5. I just explained to my wife that we can’t cut Lawrence bc he was a first round pick that we traded beckham for
  6. Judge is a complete fucking fraud. That’s the worst discipline in one game I’ve ever seen
  7. I wish someone gave graham a head coaching job. Jesus Christ what a fucking bum
  8. This is a badly coached team
  9. Not sure if it was mentioned in here earlier but we should’ve went for 2
  10. This is fucking pathetic
  11. Gates looks done for the year
  12. Way to back out of fg range assholes
  13. The 07 defense was a good d that got really hot at the end of the season. Eli still put the team on his back when it mattered in those playoff games. 11 was all about eli and 2 receivers going ape shit all season
  14. This is how you watch a game bro. This is great
  15. Refreshing to have laid back commentary with no yelling.
  16. This guy was going through his progressions his rookie year. Two years of running for his life and he’s rushing the ball to his first option even when he has time. It’s the end of career shook Eli syndrome all over again
  17. Way too many throws to covered guys. That’s a good defense but I’m worried
  18. I’ve been very patient with Jones but there’s no way the most open guy on the field was always smothered. The guy might be a lost cause
  19. I was ready for the offense to struggle. Was not expecting the d to play like this
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