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  1. To be fair it's because of the cap going down this year. Most teams are going to be over the cap. But it's going to be a wild offseason. A lot of big contracts are going to get cut.
  2. https://www.nj.com/giants/2021/01/uh-oh-giants-actually-have-less-2021-cap-space-than-expected-heading-into-free-agency.html?outputType=amp&__twitter_impression=true Going to be interesting when we need to cut players to sign players. Zeitler, Tate, Solder and Hernandez better start packing their bags.
  3. I think from the cap hit alone they have to play hardball. Even if he's traded the Texans are on the hook for 30 million. You're not going to trade a franchise QB who is going to be on the books for over 1/5th of cap space hit for a reasonable deal. He sits there's no penalty for him to not be traded. He doesn't collect a game check and you get the cap space back. Eventually he comes around or someone finally offers up a big time trade. I like what Watson is doing don't get me wrong it's about time some of these players hold awful teams accountable for stupid dec
  4. Had a hell of a year with the Colts. That 2004 QB draft class is going down as one of the best.
  5. Well we are the NY Racists for passing on Haskins lol But yes irony is the correct term. The only social media I still use is Twitter for NFL updates and that's it, Ian Rapaport, Shifter, former Giants and NFL greats. Pat McAfee has a pretty good podcast as well. Anyways yeah usually after the first few weeks at the end of a season this discussions comes up.
  6. Another year of listening and reading articles about how racist the NFL is and not enough coaches and GMs are minorities.
  7. So wouldn't that be b big problem? An OC who can only call half a game? Listen all ok saying is the guy is second fiddle to Reid there, and I still don't understand the love he's getting from the media. He goes to some team and prove he can have the similar type of offensive success there, then I'll get it.
  8. Who cares? Lol If he comes in and out plays Jones then he should start. Jones thus far has shown he can't finish a season healthy having a QB capable of coming in and winning games behind Jones is a must. Same situation with Wentz and Foles really.
  9. He might be one of the options the Giants have to take at WR. Robison and Golladay are expecting to make 18+ million a season. With the Giants more than likely giving Williams 16 to 20 million a year (my prediction is a 4 year 74 to 80 million contract) we really don't have the fire power to go throw money at another high priced WR especially with the cap going down this year. Samuel is interesting I would prefer Corey Davis but either of the guys would help bolster the WR core. Samuel and Shepard would be a good pair out there with the possibility of a guy like Waddle bein
  10. That's it. One of the Giants all time players never missed a game during his 12 years or soemthibg. Was abit before my time of watching.
  11. I think you are correct sir. Weird how the Giants just don't have longevity at the skills positions on O. Last WR was Toomer. Last TE was....that one guy in the 90s. Can't recall his name, was with the team for 12 years. Harald? Last RB was Barber. I think these are the last ones who actually retired as Giants or had a healthy career.
  12. Dude was just the best. Just add him to the list of Giants WRs who were cut down on their prime.
  13. Surtain wouldn't disappointment me at #11. Get a pass rusher round 2 like Basham and suddenly we have a pretty fucking stout defense.
  14. Not to mention I know everyone is tooting his horn but isn't Reid the OC and play caller with the Chiefs? Sure Reid has a fairly good coaching tree but it's like the Giants believing that MacAttack was a good OC in Green Bay eventhough McCarty had full control of that offense and play calling. This Bienemy guy might be the next Hue Jackson.
  15. Lololol What a way to ruin team moral. "Hey this promising rookie the team is behind, let's bench him and piss off the entire locker room" Honestly maybe Perderson wanted out so he did the dumbest thing possible.
  16. He missed some big throws though, and its been all year with him. The Bills keep the gas on like they did in the first half and didnt go prevent then there probably isn't a 4th quarter comeback attempt. But your right he's not the reason they lost but he isn't a QB who'd going to win you those games either anymore. Going to be interesting if they bring him back or go after a younger QB. Maybe Ballard goes BoB mode and trades four first round picks to the Texans for Watson.
  17. But both of them looked like shit in their playoff games. Maybe they should of retired with Eli.
  18. What are you talking about? Lol "Pretty good" "Lay failures" He was a practice squad QB for a single year in 2017 with this team. It's alright to like players but I have no idea what you're even trying to say lol
  19. You had me going there for a second.
  20. He would get 120% this past years salary, so about 16 million.
  21. https://overthecap.com/salary-cap/new-york-giants/ Yes in a scenario where we would only have five guys on the roster lol you math still doesn't add up this past season or next with the roster we have. Your saying that only having 20 million last year would be enough to hold these guys long term. Giants 2021 cap space (roughly) 9 million dollars lets say 10, with those guys you "cut to save space" not on the books (Ebner, Pulley, Toilololiolol etc) since they are off the team next year regardless. How can we pay both Bulaga (11.5) and Glasgow(12.2) over 23 million in cap hit
  22. Well we either sign a bunch abunch of Oline last year and probably have a bottom 10 defense because we don't have Bradberry,Martinez or Williams. So we are basically the Pats no defense, no WRs, but hey our run game is good. Or we go into next year fully loaded at WR, RB and still have the defense, while hoping the guys we have invested into the Oline step up like they kinda sorta did by the end of this season. Either direction doesn't fill me with confidence lol Atleast we have Judge. Oh Nate Solder might be back since he's still on the hook for 14 million so he's
  23. This year Oline free agency is so bad Flemming is probably going to get a contract somewhere lol
  24. This year's Oline free agency is beyond hot garbage. Unless someone gets cut unexpectedly which might happen with the cap decrease. Williams, Thuney and Schrhreff lead the group and don't expect those guys for anything less than 15 million a year and of that bunch Thuney is the only one who has some career left.
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