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  1. And just like that. He's back in the news. New evidence showing that Dunbar and Baker both paid off witnesses. https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/giants/ny-deandre-baker-quinton-dunbar-icloud-warrant-coverup-20200710-luc6jyesjjes5e3l56g4bpbnqm-story.html?outputType=amp Sooooo can they cut him now?
  2. I like how he posts this stuff and then goes on to say "Oh I didn't mean to attack Jewish people I love everyone" Like listen you stupid fucking idiot its clearly an anti-Semitism statement. What the fuck do you think it meant?
  3. Yeah and that's the thing do players who contracts expire this year enter next year as free agents? Or do they freeze the league year and contracts resume next year? So essentially 2021 is when everything starts. As it gets closer and closer to August and the cases in Murica keep staying the same I don't see a season happening at all. The NFLPA will vote to suspend the season.
  4. Does Leonard Williams basically get to collect 13 million from the Giants while sitting on the couch, then also gets to hit the free agency market next year? Jesus Christ what a stupid fucking trade lol
  5. Now on contract with the Chiefs for 12 years. Reports are his contract money is tied to a percentage of the cap number every year. Cap goes up, he gets paid more. Expected numbers for the total value of the contract/guaranteed money to eclipse 400 million by the time it's done.
  6. I still don't think they are playing a full 16 game season. Maybe by October, November they play a half season or something but with America still topping 40k+ cases a day its not happening on August or September.
  7. Honestly that line of McKenzie, Sueburt, O'Hara, Snee and Diehl were one of the best to ever be in the NFL. They literally opened truck lanes for Tiki, Bradshaw, Jacobs. Snee was one of the best pulling guards when he played and he constantly planted LBs on their ass. Eli had all day to throw.
  8. Jacobs suffered from injuries though you could tell after most runs he looked like an old man getting up, also I don't know what you mean by making an impact, he set the tone for many games. But there's a reason why most RBs aren't 6ft mammoths. Also the only time it mattered for him to hit the line he made it count. Go back to the first Pats SB and before Eli's miracle pass there was a fourth and one where Diehl shit his block and Jacobs was meet two yards behind the line. The only reason we are talking about two SB wins is because Jacobs decided he wasn't going to be stopped.
  9. Shockey was a head of his time he was a Evan Engram when playcallers just seen TEs as extra blockers and short yardage guys. Shockey is and will remain one of my favorite Giants.
  10. Him and Jacobs both ran like they didn't give a fuck just get the yards and worry about your body tomorrow. Both hit the wall in much the same way. Guy was a hell of a good RB.
  11. So it looks like after FedEx and Nike decided to pull their sponsorship of the Redskins in the tune of 170+ billion dollars, Snyder is looking at changing the team name. The Washington Hornswogglers has my vote.
  12. Even with a high ankle sprain....
  13. One can dream. I mean maybe with any luck America will be up to 75k cases a day by the seasons start. Can't worry about Covid if everyone has it already.
  14. Don't get me wrong Golden is an alright player I see him as a poor man's Tuck, alright at getting to the QB and alright in the run game, he will help hold down one side of the Dline. He just isn't worth a multi year high $$$ deal right now IMO. Especially given that the Giants have invested in a lot of young players at the pass rusher a position, Carter, Ximines, Fackrell, Brown, Coughlin. Hell even McKinney is a demon coming off the edge, and they are hoping Williams steps up. Golden is a good stop gap player, he is not the future.
  15. You kind of answered your own question. He plays hard but doesn't really have the results or impact to show it, he's not even that good of a pass rusher in all honesty. Not everyone is a play maker in the NFL even if they think they are. Look at the guy we signed from Green Bay he's younger and has had a very similiar career up to Golden in this point, he only got 4.5 million.
  16. Im thinking he was looking for a multi year deal, three years or so would take him to 32 and he could then retire or maybe find another team for one more year. At his age if his play declines this year he won't be a starter much longer and will have an even harder time being picked up by an NFL teams as a 30 year old pass rusher with only one or two good years to his name. I don't blame him thinking he would have more interest I'm sure if this Covid thing wasn't going he would of been signed somewhere on multi year deal. But as you said him and his agent took the gamble. This pandemic really made the free agency period a strange one.
  17. The pass rushers who actually hit the market this year was garbage, most of the guys who were going to hit FA got traded/signed, Barrett, Buckner, Jones, Armstead, Dupree, Fowler, etc. The ones remaining are the ones with risk/reward to them. Clowney is still sitting there waiting for someone to give him 15+ million a year like an idiot. Golden had a resurgence last year but he's on the other side of his career and he isnt a primary pass rusher, he's not a guy who's going to win you the game or make the play when it matters, he needs someone across from him, however he's going to be the guy who shows up every week and goes 100% and will get to the QB occasionally. Was last year a fluke? Maybe but we get him for a steal to see if it was.
  18. One thing I love about Judge and his hiring press conference. He's an educator and the new breed of coaches. Players don't want coaches who yell at them all the time they want coaches who can relate and teach them. The one quote that always stuck with me from Judge is after he was asked about who's going to be on his coaching staff "don't tell me what a player can't do tell me what a player can do and how we can make him better"
  19. Yeah to bad Bettcher didnt work out the way we hoped. All that hype about how he ran this exotic 3-4 hybrid defense, then he says our secondary was too stupid to run it, the LBs weren't atheltic enough and the Dline wasn't fast enough. Turns out the scheme was just total shit and why the Cardinals gladly let him go lol
  20. Guy is slowly becoming one of the better DTs in football. Hope they keep him around.
  21. One year deal. Always thought he was a good passer. Wonder what he does under Billy.
  22. Actually take a look at the FA pool for kickers this year. Unless you want an unproven kid out of college there are only two or three guys with any experience and even those guys are in their 40s lol
  23. Reading about how he's been working out like Tiki used too, this gives me hope he's basically going to carry the team this year. If Garret has shown anything he has a run first mentality which means Barkley should have plenty of opportunities to make defenders look silly.
  24. Same reason why Baker wasn't cut the day all the news released. Granted Rosas looks like he's fucked, but who knows after the investigation.
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