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  1. Why should we even bother to watch the team at all?
  2. I don't know, DG drafted the guy, and if you listen to the phone call they had he was sincere in giving Kelvin a shot. Dude's a fucking nut job though apparently Carolina fans have been saying.
  3. To be fair it's his normal state.
  4. Also I still would like to see a single example of what your saying Shakes. A guy released from a team and then sign again for a lesser contract, and I'm not talking like a desperation signing like the guy was sitting in FA for months.
  5. I feel like this thread is basically Covid in a nutshell and what we've become. Your either horribly depressed and have the worst outlook on things like Shakes. Or you're just trying to enjoy the ride lol At the end of the day who fucking cares what GM did what or who is signed, as fans we can't influence anything and are at the will of the football gods. Lol what? Even I have to question this. How do you pay a player less who you are guaranteed to pay more while on the roster. "Hey you're a good guard in the NFL we are going to cut you then pay you less to stay with the team just promise you won't sign elsewhere pretty please" He has the highest paying contract with the Giants before we cut him. He went to a better team for middle of the pack salary, that should tell you something.
  6. Yep. Football regardless of who's playing is great to watch. NFL redzone is one of the best things to happen to the NFL viewing wise. When the Giants aren't playing I got it playing in the background.
  7. Because fuck this team amirite?or amirite? Wonder what the % is of the team being vaccinated.
  8. Has a player in the history of the NFL ever been cut then resigned with the same team? I'd like to know. Didn't the Solder restructure save us 6 million this year? His base salary is only 4 million this season. If we cut him it would of cost us more before the resturure soemthing like 13 million in dead cap. Solder sitting out pushed his entire 2020 contract to this year, cutting him would of been stupid, and the restructure was the best thing for both sides.
  9. "I don't want people have to any sort of fun" is what in getting out of this post lol But oh well, guess people just like being angry and mad about their hobbies all the time. And what do you mean "you people"?
  10. Guy makes more money than 99.9% of the world will ever see combined. He doesn't have to do shit in his mind. Which is another reason why we shouldn't listen to a single thing any athlete/celebrity/musician/etc has to say.
  11. I blame the news/internet news, I'm willing to bet it's where the majority of anyone in North America gets all the facts from. Dak probably heard some whack job talking about how it's against the law to have to reveal your vaccination status, etc and instead of investigating further or reading up on it for himself he just took it at face value of being true.
  12. Well it's a good thing he's a trash QB anyways lol I'm starting to learn from you now. I don't see this as a playoff or bust team. It's a get better or everyone is fucking fired team. If we finish 8 or 9 wins with a couple nail bitters then the team is atleast moving in a positive direction. The team is 5 wins or less then everyone is out the door and it's rebuild #2, regardless of whatever excuses media pundits will come up with. DG has done a good job setting up draft capitol for the new GM and HC.
  13. I forgot how negative you are lol
  15. Dude went from being the next Tyreek Hill to worse than OBJ in under 5 minutes over on the NY Giants reddit page.
  16. It doesn't. And I'm sure an outbreak will be the same rules as last year.
  17. Good and it should be this way. A team who vaccinated and ready to play Sunday should not be published by an outbreak on the opponent's team. Since we have client meetings at work all the time we put a memo out saying any client who wants an in person meeting must be vaccinated otherwise we have no problem with our virtual conferences. You've lost a couple so far, some whom came crawling back when they realized all other businesses are doing the same. Pretty sure colleges and universities in Canada are making it mandatory for any in person learning to be vaccinated as well.
  18. Was wondering when they were going to partner up for something. Eli's Twitter is one of the best things in existence since he retired.
  19. Schefter got egg on his face with this one. Not to long after reports he was getting saying "Oh my sources are saying everything is fine and it's all over blown, nothing happened" Meanwhile Sherman is on video trying body slam a door. Media pundits have gotten worse during the pandemic, everyone has a "source" and anything they say is breaking news.
  20. He wanted to be a DE in college if I remember. Would be interesting to see if a team brings him into camp.
  21. GOAT My favorite Giants player staying around the Giants, and seeing him on the sidelines again will make me happy. Get this man in the HoF.
  22. Someone posted in reddit a week or so ago "This will be the first time in a number of years no NY Giant gets arrested or charged" Well guess that's moot now.
  23. Pretty big roster turn over as well then with coaching staff leaving as well. You usually don't keep many head coaches in that situation. Wasn't really a good or bad decision just a football one.
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