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  1. So why are they just ignoring their big offseason acquisition in Golladay? He's had one fucking target and catch. Get him the fucking ball
  2. It's the same secondary with better players lol But somehow it got worse lol
  3. I mean I didn't think the defense would get worse. Holy hell lol Maybe we should of let Graham walk.
  4. Jones needs 5 TDs to match his career turn over total Fuck just can't stop shooting ourselves in the foot.
  5. 40th turnover. He hasn't even finished a season healthy yet lol
  6. Slayton with the catch then the drop lol It's Slayton a career in a nut shell.
  7. Why the fuck are we doing curl routes. We have Slayton and Golladay run some fucking deep routes.
  8. They took 9 minutes off the clock. Garrett better run 4 yard slants instead of 2 this next drive lol
  9. Lol Judge shitting the bed in front of the opening day crowd.
  10. Need to hold em to three and hope Garrett gets his head out of his ass. 193 new offensive staff and pass game coordinators should atleast give us an offense that looks like it's from the last three years.
  11. Holy though I thought this secondary would of been improved. They are just getting eaten up.
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