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  1. Yeah if the defense can do a 180 and Garret opens up the playbook some more and thus team rips off 9 or 10 wins, then great the building process is working. But if this season is like last year then time to restart with some fresh eyes in the organization because we've been going no where for four years.
  2. The lie he sold to Mara that you can "rebuild and win" and ruined Eli's twilight years should be enough to get him run out of town. Mara needs to get off this whole "Giants family" bullshit he keeps pushing everytime they hire. "They have connection or worked with the franchise in the past" is basically a way of saying "I don't know what to look for in coaches so I'll hire guys my dad did" It's pathetic
  3. #FreeFatGraham Judge needs to get Graham to pack on 80 more pounds.
  4. Also what the fuck is up with Patrick Graham? Were cheeseburgers and milkshakes powering his defensive game planning? Skinny Graham is turning out to be a horrible DC who isn't going to be getting any HC calls if this trend continues.
  5. That should of sealed the game. Instead it was two straight runs and a a pass behind Sheapard. This is the shit they fired Shurmur for. Bradberry makes a game winning play just to have the coaches piss it away. For a guy trying to "earn the respect of the fans" Judge is starting to earn the reputation for being a pansy ass loudmouth.
  6. Highest graded player besides Jones last night if you put any stock into PFF.
  7. So rewatching the Slayton drop/over throw. It did hit him in the finger tip and was catchable. But Jones had a clean pocket and could have dropped that ball into Slaytons arms, instead of putting the ball away from him like a DB was on his back. We've seen him make the throw before. But as usual nothing goes the Giants way.
  8. Giants are 18-48 since 2017, the worst record in all of football. We are now the bottom feeder franchise of the NFL. People can't say "we atleast we aren't the Browns" anymore. It's now "Atleast we aren't the Giants" Soak it in fellas. Hope Mara and Getty are happy with the product they built.
  9. As the kids say "Shit just be lame" Pretty bad when your rookie is already done with the team lol
  10. Gotta draft them hog mollies! And play POWAH football! And let the COMPUTAH folks use paints and excells to make ANALTICS to make us BETTAH.
  11. Reports are he and Judge had a talk on the sideline and Toney stormed off upset to the locker room. The wheels on the bus cone flying off lol
  12. Eli made him a star because Eli would actually use his check downs to Barkley. All those years of experience he knew when to dump the ball off for a gain. Jones to his credit and discredit never looks for the underneath stuff unless the play has broken down. Barkley is a dynamic runner he's dangerous in space and in one on one situations. We are treating him like Brandon Jacobs just plowing him into the gaps. Yes Barkley does dance when he hits the line sometimes but that's just his style.
  13. 0-2 the last 8 years out of 9. Goodnight fellas, this Canuck is tired and got some all 22 film to watch tomorrow, atleast the offense looked better. Graham and Judge can both get fucked for all I care though.
  14. Dear Judge. It's year four of a Getty rebuild and your year two. Stop taking about the fucking "process" and "building" Start winning games lol
  15. The Oline is probably the only thing that isn't a big issue lol I'm more worried why we went from a top 10 defense to a defense that reminds of me Sheridan calling plays.
  16. This guy is fucking delusional lol Judge is just a smooth talking car salesman. Start winning games you idiot before you act like you know what the fuck your doing.
  17. Oh he said "look at the tapes" atleast 4 times now.
  18. Oh Judge is talking I wonder how many times he says "I'm proud of this team" "stuff to build on" and "lots of positives"
  19. I was so optimistic going into this year. Just destroyed after two weeks lol Atleast I get to see the rookies and core players develop and hopefully stick around with the new HC and GM.
  20. Mara has to realize what his team is right now. We are the Browns of the NFL.
  21. Also if I hear one more fucking thing about Lorenzo Carter and how great he looks on practice I'm going to flip. Fucking guy is non-existent out there.
  22. Jones looked much better, Oline played well too.
  23. Imagine being a former ST coach now HC who does nothing but talk about bring tough and disciplined.....and you loose the fucking game on a special teams error. This guy lost me as a supporter. Take your goofy fat fucking face back to Beillycheeks in New England and go get a real HC in here.
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