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  1. I haven't turned on DJ yet but this was to good not to post.
  2. And it's funny with Eli they drafted what? Four QBs? Nassib, Webb, Lauletta and I think there was one more. Eli the toughest fucking QB to play the game "let's draft some young guys to see if they develop but then we do bench Eli we won't let them start instead we'll start Geno Smith" Jones a QB who's never finished a season healthy and is on his make of break year "let's bring in a 10 year vet and no other option at QB" lol
  3. Why they didn't bring in a backup behind Jones like a guy like Mariota or Minshew or even Trubinski is confusing to me. I mean sure Glennon might be able to manage a game but why not bring in someone who you can turn too if Jones fails and see what they have maybe even get you a year or two of good QB play. Look at the Titans and Tannehill, they brought him in incase Mariota didn't take a step forward and now they have a QB for a few years in Tannehill. If let's say Jones continues to play like he did last year it's no good turning to Glennon because he isn't the QB for the next couple of years, it's the same situation as Eli being benches for Smith, Smith wasn't the answer.
  4. Better than what preseason showed. Not great but not awful. Thomas name wasn't called which is a good thing. Solder got beat by Miller but held up after that. Peart made.some bonehead mistakes. The interior of the like played alright though, Bredeson was in for some reps and Gates looks to be pushing people around. Jones had time on throws today, he just responded by staring down his target lol
  5. If you would of told me after 27 games that Jones would have one more win but 27 more turnovers than JaMarcus Russell, I would of called you a liar.
  6. Daniel Jones and JaMarcus Russel in 26 games. Jones has one more win, but 27 more turnovers. That stat hit me in the spirit.
  7. Giants are averaging 17 some off points under Garrett. They have been held under 20 in 6 or more games, and under 10 in three of them. Someone get this man a one way ticket back to Dallas.
  8. Mara also must of been pleased with an empty stadium by the third quarter with more orange in it then blue lol
  9. Oh well onto next week. Jones needs to get his head together. Someone get Eli to coach him up.
  10. Nothing really, unless you're a winning team already. That was the problem when they got rid of Coughlin. Instead of starting fresh they decided to hold onto the old and keep a guy like McAdoo and JR. Then they tried it again with Shumur when Gettleman sold them the lie of "you can win and rebuild" If this team is worse than last year then it's going to be a rebuild from front office down to the roster again. Maybe they keep Graham if the defense bounces back, but a new GM means a new HC and QB in my opinion atleast.
  11. They are going to play the year out obviously. They still have to sell tickets. But if this trend of games continues then come the offseason shit is going to be blown up..... Hopefully.
  12. The Oline didn't even play bad this game. They have up a single sack to a good Dline, for most of the game. Jones had time this game. Jones just looked fucking lost out there, like this was his first game. I can't even say that he looked better in his first game lol
  13. You know I said this was going to be a big game for the Giants. Simply because the Giants and Broncos in my eye were in the same boat this season. Both teams looking to step up and becoming competitive. Apparently the Giants aren't even in the same league as the Broncos. Scary thought. Even if this was a loss atleast if it was close. This is a blowout on all levels of play.
  14. Jones can't even throw the ball at Golladay he overthrows him. Fuck lol
  15. Barkley picking up four yards a run. "Let's limit his carries and not let him run twice on a row" lol Golladay makes a big catch on the first quarter. "Lets ignore him till it's garbage time" lol What the fuck is this offense.
  16. It will be another rebuild. You get rid of Gettleman, it's basically the end for Judge and Co and probably Jones. No new GM is going to work with a losing HC or QB.
  17. From the first qiater they ignored Golladay and all he's done is made plays.
  18. Jones and Garrett both realizinf in the fourth quarter that Golladay exists.
  19. Mara has to be fuming. Year four of an old man GM talking about "I'm a hog molly whisperer" A franchise QB who helps the other team out more. And another blow out at home.
  20. When your defense is on the field for 45 minutes of the game hard to blame them for being tired.
  21. I mean it's hard to ignore what Jones looks like compared to other QBs. I just wish he would stop staring down the WRs, like a 16 year old gawking at the highschool slut. It's hard to throw a fade when it's apparent from the start.
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