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  1. Hey look you get the first round pick involved and he make a play.
  2. Lol so much for Judge and his disciplined culture.
  3. I feel like if they challenge that they will get the first down.
  4. Judge would never make that call dats fo sho
  5. Atleast were facing a shit QB.
  6. I wonder how many times Jones/Garrett ignore Toney today lol
  7. That WR screen was perfect, Payton knew the blitz was coming a mile away.
  8. Oh yeah that Hill kid. Always fun to watch.
  9. This front seven of the defense is so soft lol Maybe we should of gave Tomlinson that 20 million instead of Williams.
  10. Like the IOL is destroyed by injuries so stop running between the guards lol
  11. I guess this run game is what happens when all you have 27 guards on IR. Still you have to wonder why Garett is running behind them lol
  12. Hey guys guys don't worry. Judge is going to look at the game film and take away all the positives and keep building a good team. Alright guys? Alright.
  13. Oh they also restructured Bradberrys contract.....again. Savings 2.5 million this year but next year he's on the book for over 24 million. Good going DG leaving such a nice cap situation for the new GM.
  14. He has buried last year and no one complained lol for some reason though after the trade it's a big deal lol He played in 30 percent of the snaps last year and no one batted a eye about it. So once again I don't see what your so upset about other than "DG do bad!!!!" Which I'm the captain of.
  15. That's true, not like we didn't see this with Golden Tate and his mystery injuries.
  16. I think Price will be back if Gate's injury is career ending as some reports are citing. I care more about the fact that Price is starting, Hill was buried on the depth chart last year, and it would be the same this year. If Price is gone next year then so be it, atleast we had a capable center after Gate's inury instead of a DT who would only be playing 30% of the snaps. Also it's going to be a lot cheaper to keep Price compared to what the Bungals are going to have to pay for Hill, since the new GM looks like he's going to have a fun time balancing the books next year.
  17. Don't guys get checked out by teams and league medics? If a player is on an injury report I know at the least the teams have to send information to the league about it. I mean could very well be the case, but I got to assume teams can easily test out if a guy is faking it or not.
  18. No winning season in 9 out of 10 years will do that to a fan base.
  19. If anything I think we are feeling the loss of Tomlinson more. For some reason he must of been a key piece in keeping guys off of Williams and the edge guys. Because now Williams is facing constant double teams and only Ojulari has been getting home consistently.
  20. We'll see. I mean Price is a full time starter on the Oline something we lack dearly. Hill is a guy who we would of had to pay next year and is still a rotational player. I'm glad he's doing well and it's evident that the Bengals defense is better suited for him than that the Giants were doing. I have no problem with the trade simply because Hill probably wouldn't be on the team next year's regardless.
  21. If anything this is one trade we can't really give DG shit about IMO Atleast he isn't costing us 20 million a year like Williams lol
  22. I mean it was all the situation at the time right. The Giants defense wasn't expected to regress this much, and Hill was buried in a rotation he wouldn't see much playing time. I thought Price played well last week he had like a 76 grade or something against the Falcons. I mean fast forward to now and the trade looks good for both sides, just for the fact that the entire interior Oline is either on IR or injured, and Price can hold down the center position. I never liked PFF it's all just confirmation bias.
  23. Price wasnt awful at center. But we havent had the same unit play back to back weeks at all this season on the Oline lol Week 1; Thomas, Lemeiux, Gates, Herny, Solder Week 2; Thomas, Price, Gates. Herny, Solder Week 3; Thomas, Gates/Brenderson, Price, Herny, Solder Week 4; Thomas, Skura, Price, Herny, Solder Holy fuck Judge, leave them kids alone.
  24. Yeah I mean I think we all understand the idea of wanting to keep the same OC around to keep some continuity for Jones, he hasnt thrown a pick but he's only thrown two TDs in three fucking games. In his rookie year Shurmur was able to get 24 TDs out of Jones in 13 games, he's on pace to only throw 11 TDs in a 17 game year lol They hired what? Two or three guys to the offensive staff this year, a passing game coordinator, and an offensive coaching assistant at least. Doesn't that mean we should have some sort of passing game not from 1982? Christ we go out and sign the best FA WR who is one of the best deep threats in the NFL in Golladay, and the fucking guy hasnt had a target beyond 25 yards. We go out and get Toney and then sign Ross (both not even remotely close to what this offensive scheme calls for in a WR) two guys with dynamic speed and/or agility, and we don't send them in motion, or on any drag/slant routes? They don't need end-arounds, or screens, just get them out there in space moving around before the snap. We were the worst offense in football last year and this trend is continuing into this year and ultimately it all falls back on Judge's loyalty to Garrett.
  25. It's almost freaky how much Peton/Eli/Cooper all look and sound like each other. Apparently Cooper's kid, Arch Manning is lighting up the highschool ranks as a QB. Imagine the pressure living up to that name.
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