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  1. So Bradberry went from allowing like 1 catch a game to given up everything thrown at him. What the fuck lol
  2. Never noticed how much weight that Graham has lost. Good for him.
  3. This is the offense we should be with all the weapons we have. Just need to see it more now.
  4. Big fucking stop by the D. Give up some first downs then stop em dead.
  5. The Dline got some push this year. Nice to see opposing QBs rushed.
  6. Some sort of combo route just didn't work. Then of course we see old Solder out there. Also why the fuck aren't we throwing to Golladay? Lol
  7. Is the 49ers blow this game holy hell lol
  8. I predict many posts from me swinging from manic happy to manic depressed. Let's go boys.
  9. The Vikings finally have a kicker! Lol
  10. Also what a collapse by the Bills they had the game lol
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