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  1. Wow a screen. An actual screen.
  2. Win or loose. I hope I don't hear a fucking thing about a "moral victory" the Saints played like trash all game. The Giants shouldn't have such a hard time winning.
  3. Lord got to go to fucking OT now lol
  4. Guess that's why we went and got Golladay.
  5. I mean a lucky win is still a win.
  6. Danny "Diddly" Dimes Let's see what you can do.
  7. Defense really didn't stop a thing the Saints did lol
  8. Oh lordy let's see what happens.
  9. The Saints dod everything they could to hand the Giants this game. We shouldn't be losing by 3.
  10. One long TD catch and commentators are acting like the Giants are not 0 and 3.
  11. Anyone trust the defense to get a stop here?
  12. Lol Clean house from too to bottom. This team is a team of fucking losers. Nothing has changed since Shurmur other than the offense has gotten worse.
  13. Were about to have a record breaking bad offense this year ain't we?
  14. Lolololoolo So why do people think Judge shouldn't be fired? He's letting Garrett call this shit
  15. A fucking throw to Engram out in the flat.
  16. This team just doesn't want to win games.
  17. A fucking WR pas? What the flying fuck is going on
  18. Atleast Toney looks like he's into the game.
  19. "We would be 2-1 if it wasn't for those last second FGs!!!!" - Idiots probably.
  20. I've been wanting to see him be aggressive since the first quarter. Judge is a bitch.
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