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  1. Lol "I know your can't challenge the toss I know the rules, I know that, I just wanted to know what the result was"
  2. Defense getting after Henike.
  3. So what the hell happened? Did Mara threaten to fire Garrett? This team has never looked that up tempo offensively.
  4. Also trade Engram we don't need him. Rudolph is a TE who can block and catch.
  5. Billy Price is fucking destroying people out there.
  6. Lol what a pansy league this is becoming
  7. Where the fuck was all this RPO last week? This looks like a different team.
  8. Sling that fucking ball Jones
  9. RPO finally!!!!! Did someone smack Garrett around? Where was this play calling last week?
  10. Mother fucking Ojulari!!!!! This kids gonna be a good one.
  11. These articles have been coming out since we drafted him. It's pretty simple. Barkley bounces back this year I'm sure the Giants offer him a contract like Jones got in Green Bay, a nice chunk of change but reasonable for both sides. He will either sign it or walk. Barkley doesn't bounce back then the Giants probably offer him a one year prove it contact. Keep in mind the Giants are reportedly in cap hell next season, already projected to be over the cap by 20 million or so since we had to convert many players salaries into signing bonuses. We are going to be losing some players next offseason and Barkley may just be a cap causality regardless of what he does.
  12. If the Giants came out and had a close loss or squeezed out a win then everything would be relatively fine. They literally had the worst performance they could of had Sunday. If the trend continues tomorrow then get ready for a nuclear explosion from the media and the wheels to fall off the team. Not to mention 0-2 you have like a 8% chance of making the playoffs.
  13. I think why this loss was so demoralizing is the Giants looked the exact same they did the last five years. And it's funny to think going into this season it was the Oline that was the worry. Defense was solid, new WRs, Jones in year 3, Barkley back. Who would of thought after week 1 the Oline is ranked in the top 10 in the NFL and everyone else is bottom of the league lol
  14. So Stafford just showed why he was an elite QB on a shit team. Only player to ever throw for 300+ yards with their debuting team game one.
  15. I'll dump on the Giants. They are the only team in the NFL to never have a winning record in any week since 2017.
  16. Thomas was the highest graded tackle in pass pro. Lemeiux also had his highest grade of 80 something. I hate PFF and think it's subjective trash but atleast the numbers are going up rather than down lol Oh Jones also had a clean pocket 75% of the plays second highest in his career.
  17. Mine never get out away just moved around and refilled lol There were some positives in the game for sure. Thomas, Gates and Bredeson looked solid on the Oline. Golladay is an animal and we should be feeding him the ball, the guy bailed Jones out on every pass by literally ripping the ball out of the DBs hands. He should be Jones security blanket like Plax was with Eli sailing balls 2 feet above his head lol Shepard looks faster this year don't know what he's been doing but he looks like OBJ out there in terms of him cutting on a dime after getting the ball. Ojulari made some plays and was all over the field. Dex was pushing the pocket but was getting double teamed a lot I noticed by the center and guard. Martinez and Ragland are tackling machines. Rudolph looks good in the blocking game. Holmes played well in the secondary.
  18. I haven't turned on DJ yet but this was to good not to post.
  19. And it's funny with Eli they drafted what? Four QBs? Nassib, Webb, Lauletta and I think there was one more. Eli the toughest fucking QB to play the game "let's draft some young guys to see if they develop but then we do bench Eli we won't let them start instead we'll start Geno Smith" Jones a QB who's never finished a season healthy and is on his make of break year "let's bring in a 10 year vet and no other option at QB" lol
  20. Why they didn't bring in a backup behind Jones like a guy like Mariota or Minshew or even Trubinski is confusing to me. I mean sure Glennon might be able to manage a game but why not bring in someone who you can turn too if Jones fails and see what they have maybe even get you a year or two of good QB play. Look at the Titans and Tannehill, they brought him in incase Mariota didn't take a step forward and now they have a QB for a few years in Tannehill. If let's say Jones continues to play like he did last year it's no good turning to Glennon because he isn't the QB for the next couple of years, it's the same situation as Eli being benches for Smith, Smith wasn't the answer.
  21. Better than what preseason showed. Not great but not awful. Thomas name wasn't called which is a good thing. Solder got beat by Miller but held up after that. Peart made.some bonehead mistakes. The interior of the like played alright though, Bredeson was in for some reps and Gates looks to be pushing people around. Jones had time on throws today, he just responded by staring down his target lol
  22. If you would of told me after 27 games that Jones would have one more win but 27 more turnovers than JaMarcus Russell, I would of called you a liar.
  23. Daniel Jones and JaMarcus Russel in 26 games. Jones has one more win, but 27 more turnovers. That stat hit me in the spirit.
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