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  1. Wasn't Bridgewater on his way to being a good QB but then destroyed his knee? I know last week people called him a bum but I remember the NFL being really high on him before the injury.
  2. Isn't that like saying the Giants haven't had a winning season since Shepard has been on the team?
  3. Almost as bad as Bradberry. Almost. Atleast Jackson doesn't get beat every time the ball is thrown his way.
  4. "I'm gonna go watch the tapes and take away the positives" Judge after every game lol
  5. See Golladay screaming at Garrett and Jones on the sideline? I would be too if the gameplan was to not throw at your 17 million dollar WR lol
  6. I give Henike credit dude could be a starter in the NFL.
  7. Lololol This defense went from top 10 to bottom 30 of the NFL. What the fuck happened?
  8. Imagine being Golladay or any FA who came here. Getty and Judge sell you on the idea of a hard working team ready to turn it around. Just to look the same lol I feel bad for them honestly.
  9. Well 0-2. 9% chance to make the playoffs. Time for the Giants to start trading players and get the new GM and HC draft capitol
  10. Lololooloololo Judge and his "tough disciplined" culture can walk his white fucking ass ALLL the way back to New England.
  11. Naww this is the normal Giants. Same team, same season as the last 5 years.
  12. Graham ain't getting any HC calls this offseason lol
  13. So much for Judge and his disciplined culture. This team is going to revolt after an 0-2 start.
  14. Shit throw by Jones on that one
  15. If we lose this game it's one of the most Giant ways to lose a game. And we will have to clean house by the end of the season lol
  16. Imagine being brought in by a team who did everything they could to land you in FA and being ignored in the game lol I feel bad for Golladay
  17. I never thought this defense would be this bad. Either Graham was a one shot wonder or we somehow got worse personal wise.
  18. So maybe we should of let Patrick Graham walk lol
  19. Golladay drawing flags cause he beats up everyone
  20. DJ outran Landon Collins lol
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