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  1. Can't believe you bought into that before the season. You're never going to hear, "Yeah, we're a young team and we're going to have to transition this year more than likely to a rookie QB, so we expect to have some growing pains with our young players and lose a lot of games." But you probably should've expected that, I certainly did. I still like our young corners, V.
  2. They are raw...but Ballentine in particular, he is such an athlete. Among his position group at the combine, he was: 12th in 40 time with a 4.47 10th in bench press with 15 reps 5th in Vert with 39.5" 1st in Broad Jump with 11'3" 6th in 3-Cone with 6.82 seconds (Julian Love was 3rd, btw, with 6.72 secs) 9th in 20-yard Shuttle with 4.14 seconds (Love was 6th with 4.10) He's just an overall tremendous athlete and the early returns are good. I'm actually more excited about Ballentine thus far than Baker, even though I'm a believer with Baker.
  3. That was the perfect video to show before this season gets started. Gets me pumped. I've got the NFCCG vs Packers queued up now.
  4. Starting LG, actually. Doesn't matter much. He doesn't block well inside either.
  5. Can't believe it. The irony is they finally built the OL for him. I guess too late.
  6. LMAO, what's up, Wagno? Here's short snapshot of what I've been doing...working, playing a lot of poker, volunteering, and trying to keep the old lady happy. Really looking forward to this year's football team and hopeful for a crazy Mets postseason run.
  7. I agree, but don't be so quick to put Jackrabbit out to pasture! I really loved the Ballentine pick and think DG got a steal. Love really has impressed me, too.
  8. Hey man, hope life is treating you well.
  9. Guy I really think this opens the door for is Russell Shepard. I think he's going to be productive.
  10. I called him a bust back before his draft, for the lack of separation. Nothing's changed. At best he can be a big slot possession guy but that's exactly what we don't need on this team. He was marketed as a big, physical receiver but he is/was too slow, even for a big receiver, and he isn't even all that big. He'll likely get another chance or two in the league just kicking around the bottom of rosters and getting waived before his CFL career or whatever arena league is playing or just hang 'em up. With respect to Coleman, he has athletic skills off the charts...there's something there to work with (or was there).
  11. Guys that I really like at 37 (or higher): N'Keal Harry, A.J. Brown, Rock Ya-Sin, Lonnie Johnson, Dalton Risner. Really good chance one of those guys are available at 37.
  12. Time will tell. Jones could end up being a top 5 NFL QB. You just don't know. On the plus side, he really did elevate his teammates at Duke. And he has movement ability, and is smart. Will that all add up to a winner? Does he have the 'it' factor? I guess we'll see.
  13. What's up fellas. Just texted my neighbor and said, "I won't be surprised if it's Daniel Jones here." And there ya go. I hope he's really legit. He does have a nice skillset.
  14. I know there is the thought of Oliver as a 4-3 3-tech at the next level. I think he has the athleticism I'd want to take a chance on as the Giants' 3-4 5-tech...Watt-like upside with his hand in the dirt there, IMO.
  15. Hello gents. How has everyone been? Thought I'd stop by for a visit and offer my .02 on this thread. To me, it's not about getting a QB at any cost...it's about getting the right guy. I'm not sure that can be done this year. I'm not a fan of Josh Rosen in any way. I wasn't enamored with him coming out of UCLA and he did nothing this year to change that perception. Haskins is not the homerun pick I'd feel super confident in as the next franchise QB, and although Murray certainly is intriguing, let's face it, he's going to be a Cardinal, and certainly the risk-reward for trading up to #1 I think is too cost prohibitive. If Ryan Finley is sitting there in the third I wouldn't be upset if they took him. I think he has tools to be a successful NFL QB. But I'm most inclined to wait until next year. A trade down to get another first rounder in 2020 and have two shots and/or the draft capital to move up in that draft is what I'd advocate for. There are 4 guys expected to go in 2020 that I'd be more excited about than taking any QB in this draft...that being Fromm, Tua, Herbert, and K.J. Costello. And the least talked about, yet could be the real prize in retrospect years from now, is actually Costello. That said, I'd love for both Murray and Haskins to go in the top 5, with Tampa Bay rumored to be all-in on Devin White...pushing one of Quinnen Williiams, Josh Allen, or Nick Bosa to the Giants at #6. If that happens, good for the Giants. Gettleman will have the ability to move up for one of the big 4 next year without a trade down this year if that happens, although having two firsts next year certainly would make that easier. The fall-back to all of this would be White or Oliver at #6...I have some concerns on each but in both cases the upside is certainly worth the pick. I'm very excited to see what will happen on April 25th!
  16. Look at Frank Gore, though. Chubb turned me into a believer watching him at the combine. Insanely good results in athletic testing, only really overshadowed by the freak, Barkley. He also really improved the 2nd year removed from that knee injury.
  17. Watch this game: Cotton Bowl against Ohio State. I've never seen a QB under more duress than Darnold was in that game, or an OL so thoroughly dominated by an opposing defensive front four. Darnold played heroically. A few times he bailed and rolled right...maybe one time was premature. But he steps up and hangs in the "pocket" (very generous to call what he had in that game a pocket, but I digress) many times. The guy dropped some serious dimes deep with heavy pressure in his face. Yes, he had a bad pick-six in there. But he rolled both directions, there were several design rolls to the right as well, and he hung in like a bullfighter a lot of the game. And he competed, HARD even down 17 points for much of the game and late. If you didn't know the scoring rules of football, by watching Darnold in that game you wouldn't know that it was impossible to score a 17-point TD.
  18. Barkley is the best player in the draft, and that's why the Browns will take him in the unlikely event he's there at 4 and if they didn't already take him at #1 overall. Myles Garrett, Danny Shelton, Emmanuel Ogbah, Jamie Collins, Jason McCourty and Jabrill Peppers. They have a lot of good young talent on that defense. They need secondary help but they are not the worst. They also have THREE 2nd round picks, two of which are at the very top of round 2. They have enough ammo to draft a lot of secondary help or even move back into the first round and get another blue-chip talent for the secondary such as Joshua Jackson, Denzel Ward, or perhaps Carlton Davis. The one thing I agree with you on is that the Colts won't take a QB. I think the Colts will either take Barkley (if he's there, probably a run to the podium pick), or Bradley Chubb (the likes of which they desperately need). However, the Browns are going to take a QB, and the Giants are likely to take a QB as well. Another way they could go is take a QB at 4, trade down to the Jets who may want to hop Denver, or even down to 15 to the Cardinals who may want to hop them both, and then the Browns can get even more picks, and have even more ammo to jump back into the first and end up with 3 first rounders.
  19. Yeah Mathieu had a huge character flag. He was viewed by teams as a toxic personality.
  20. As usual you and I see it completely different. Not only do I think that there is a chance for Fitzpatrick to go after pick #4, I think that it is highly likely. Reasoning is that I believe the first three picks will be Barkley and two QBs. One will be Darnold and the other will NOT be Rosen, it will be Allen or Mayfield. After Barkley and the two QBs, the Browns will either go with Chubb if they took a QB at #1 and Barkley is off the board, or they will trade down to a team looking at a QB. Fitzpatrick has a zero percent chance of going in the top 3 picks with Barkley, Chubb, and the QB talent on the board, and only a small chance at going at 4. Only way that happens is if Browns go QB at 1, Barkley goes to Giants at 2, and Colts take Chubb at 3. Then I could see Fitzpatrick going at 4. No chance if 2 QBs taken in top 4, and I think there will be.
  21. 5 yard bootleg passes to the TE? You or I can make that throw. He's not great on off-platform throws. I've seen enough of his games to know that he is a bad QB outside of the pocket.
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