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  1. Mods can you please move to Giants section.
  2. Goodson is the guy. There is no need at MLB.
  3. A smart guy like you thinking that was to be taken literally?
  4. Well, time to put yesterday behind us, and welcome some new Giants to the Big Blue family today. There is still some really impressive talent left, but the Giants will have a long wait because of Walkie Talkie-gate. The Giants are picking 34th in the 4th round. Yikes. That means a lot of names that you hear about that seem compelling will likely be long gone by the time the Giants are on the clock today unless they trade up. Don't get visions of Dorian Johnson, Ike Asiata or Samaje Perine. Ditto for Marlon Mack. Carlos Watkins is still on the board and I can't figure out why, I would expect him to go early, but I like him a lot, even though the Giants took Tomlinson, Watkins is a player that can provide interior pass rush. I don't think he can play outside. Here are some guys I like besides the ones above: Damontae Kazee - Really aggressive, diminutive nickel corner, plays physical and with a chip on his shoulder. Mighty mouse kind of corner; ultra-competitive. Will Holden, OT, Vanderbilt - probably a RT only at the next level, but he's a real talent, can really anchor. I think this is a strong consideration Conor McDermott - Big OT, I think this is a name to watch. Probably a year away from helping, but is projectable. I think the Giants like him. Avante Collins, OG - maybe round 5 or 6 consideration; I think the Giants will like this guy. Julie'n Davenport, OT, Bucknell - longest arms of any tackle in the draft. True project but he has the physical measurements and athleticism to project at LT. If the light goes on and he really takes to coaching, he could be a 10-year starter at LT. Andreas Knappe, OT, UCONN - Project from Denmark, he is 6'9" and around 300 lbs, and I'm posting his picture here, Giants reportedly have a LOT of interest in this guy. I'm quietly rooting for him, based on this pic alone: Diegot Joseph, OT, Florida Int'l - Another guy the Giants have privately worked out. Elijah McGuire, RB - Louisiana Lafayette prospect, Giants have held a private workout with him. Really a guy to watch. David Jones, FS, Richmond Spiders - Seems like a Giants-type of pick, player... and I'm definitely for adding a Richmond Spider! Samson Ebukam, LB, Eastern Washington, this guy has a name that suits the Giants... and he really looks like an NFL linebacker. I like him a lot, and hope the Giants don't wait too long to snatch him up. At RB a guy I covet is Wayne Gallman. There are still a number of good ones left, Jeremy McNichols, Brian Hill, and some considerations very late in Joe Williams and my dark horse De'Angelo Henderson of Coastal Carolina. I look for the Giants to address OL, RB, and LB here on the third day, and possibly a pass rusher or CB.
  5. Everything I've heard about Webb is he has zero accuracy on deep throws. Dave Te' Thomas has said this, and he's a legit pro scout. Hopefully, he can get better with some tutelage and NFL coaching.
  6. I liked Jerry's third round pick last year. Would've preferred Justin Simmons, but thought Darian Thompson was a good pick. I don't think there's some 3rd round curse with Reese, and I think that just because Reese has missed in the third in the past, doesn't mean he can't hit a homerun in the third in his next at-bat. Just thought that if you have Samaje Perine on the board there, D'onta Foreman, Dorian Johnson, Ike Asiata, or a corner in Jourdan Lewis. These are guys that can help you early. The Giants are built right now to make a run at the Super Bowl. Next year's QB class blows this one out of the water. Eli has 3 years left on his deal, so assuming he completes that deal and Webb takes over, assuming Eli is still an iron man, you now have 1 year with which to evaluate Webb before he's a free agent. I suppose you could franchise him like the Skins are doing with Cousins, but it seems to me that with the team built the way it is right now, go get a player that can help you this year put another Lombardi in the trophy case. Who here thinks that Ike Asiata wouldn't help do that? Or Jourdan Lewis as a 4th corner, can play the nickel? I don't get this pick, I just really feel next year was the year to go get Eli's heir.
  7. You're supposed to throw it AT the TV? Seems expensive! This team is built to win a Super Bowl now, so let's use a premium pick on a back up QB with our franchise guy still having 3 seasons left to go. Great.
  8. Somehow I missed it, but I guess Caleb Brantley was arrested for punching a woman... really hard, a la Mixon. He will probably fall a long way, maybe go undrafted.
  9. Yep, sometimes they have the stats but can't pass the eye test. Sometimes they pass the eye test but don't have the stats. You definitely want the player in the latter category. That's O.J. Howard (and ArDarius Stewart in that same offense).
  10. Agreed, V. I think if Cam Robinson falls to 55 (which I don't see happening), you have to take him there. But if not, then one of Wormley, Demarcus Walker, Caleb Brantley, I think those guys are strong considerations. Malik McDowell is another guy, but I think the Giants aren't going to want him because of the reports I've read concerning his character/work ethic. Montravious Adams and Dalvin Tomlinson are perhaps 3rd rounders.
  11. Tyus Bowser and Jordan Willis also will be going in the 2nd, probably very early in the second. I think Kizer could drop to round 3 and perhaps beyond.
  12. Should be a really fun night. One big surprise is Cam Robinson falling out of the first round. I think the gun incident was a big factor. Foster slid all the way to 31 as well. I'm not even surprised that Jarrad Davis went ahead of him (11 picks ahead, at that). Dalvin Cook slid out of the first round as well, also no surprise to me. Too much noise with this guy, but such an unreal talent. Forrest Lamp, Malik McDowell, Caleb Brantley, and Chris Wormley still on the board. A guy I really love is Demarcus Walker. I could've easily seen him go in the first, even though others have a third round grade. He really changed some games. FSU was getting their asses handed to them by Ole Miss, and Walker really turned the tide in that game, he absolutely dominated the Ole Miss line in the 2nd half. He blocked the kick for the game-tying extra point against Miami with seconds to go in the game, securing the victory for Florida State. I think he can be an outstanding 3-Tech or he can play DE. He reminds me a little of Bruce Smith. Will be interesting to see where Joe Mixon goes tonight also. Lots of really good cornerback talent still on the board like Chidobe Awuzie and Kevin King, who I thought was a for sure first round guy. I really love ArDarius Stewart. I don't think the Giants will take another receiver tonight, but I think he's going to be a great player. For OL help, Feeney, Dorian Johnson, Moton, the aforementioned Lamp and Cam Robinson, as well as Antonio Garcia. But the guy I really like here (outside of Cam Robinson), is Dion Dawkins. Would be fantastic if he were to fall to 87.
  13. Yeah usually I catch that stuff, but I rushed it because my fuckin' wife invited our neighbors over (who don't like sports of any kind). I DVR'ed the first round and stayed away from my cell phone until I could catch up. Saw the Giants pick about an hour after everyone else.
  14. Nas, we desperately need a DT tonight. Way more than LB and arguably more than OL. I like Wormley if we can get him at 55, or Demarcus Walker (I will run around my neighborhood nekkid if we get him).
  15. The picks I'm sure would've been more appealing than what they got from the Bears, but they only moved down 1 spot, as well. I'm sitting at #3 and I can trade out of that as well if I want, or still get the best defensive player in the draft after Garrett. And maybe they did, I like Jamal Adams or Lattimore for them. But I have no doubt Solomon Thomas is going to be a big time baller. If Garrett wasn't in this draft everyone would be talking about what a stud Thomas is and potentially going first overall.
  16. I've thought all along Mitch was head and shoulders above the other QB's in this class. I think he's a franchise QB. With Mahomes, he was my 2nd guy, and I like him, but I think he's more of a gamble. A good gamble, though. Easy guy to root for (all of the first round QBs are), I think Mahomes has the tools, but I just saw Trubisky make NFL throws over and over in clutch spots, so I know he's not going to shrink under pressure. I think you have to start Glennon early, though, and only put in Trubisky when you are sure he's ready, which may not be until 2018.
  17. They shopped another offer they received. Basically said, "if you don't move up, we're moving down, and another team is going to get Trubisky."
  18. I'll tell you, Reese and McAdoo are saying to the rest of the NFL.. "go ahead and try that Cover 2 stuff on us again... please do it." Because Engram will dominate the seam. Kind of like Dirty Harry, "Go ahead, make my day." His game against FSU:
  19. Engram Summary: Last year: 65 catches for 926 yards (14.2 avg), and 8 TDs. for Ole Miss, Eli's alma mater. Combine measurements follow: Physical: 6'3" tall, 234 lbs, 10" hands, 33.5" arm length... all very strong measurements. Weight is on the low side for inline TE, but with movement measurements, it's a wow factor. Timed measurables: 40 yard: 4.42 secs (to put in perspective, Odell Beckham ran a 4.43, Engram ran virtually the same time at 6'3" and 234 lbs; 1st among TE's at combine). 19 reps of 225 on the bench, 36 inch vert (excellent, 5th among combine TE participants), 125" broad (6th among combine TE participants), 3-cone of 6.92 secs (2nd only to O.J. Howard among combine particpants), 4.23 secs on 20 yard shuttle (3rd among combine particpants), 19 reps of 225, T-9th among combine participants. Tape analysis: Physically and athletically abundantly gifted. Downfield threat; redzone threat. Concentration drops at times. Would like to see a little more fierceness in the physical competitiveness game. On-field quick-twitch a little lacking, relies on physical gifts too much (will not be as much as an advantage in the NFL). Never is an in-line blocker, but is a try-hard at blocking. Effort in route running seems to be on auto-pilot often. Plays a little too finesse, want to see him play more angry. Guy was a beast in the underwear olympics but didn't see it on tape as much. He is a big wide receiver with a finesse game. He will be a weapon in the red zone at the NFL level. But he needs to learn to maximize his physical gifts and play more angry... if he does, he will be VERY special. C.O.D. in space, for a man his size, is really good. Doesn't matter if he doesn't look to fight through tackles, though. Bottom line, a 6'3" guy that has that kind of speed (4.42 40 combine), is stupid rare.
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