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  1. Yeah it will be interesting to see how some of those guys do next year. I'm bullish on Hopkins still as long as Osweiler is out at QB. I lost in one playoff game. It was very close, just needed a bit more from Rob Kelley but because Cousins and the Redskins defense sucked so bad, they got too far behind and Kelley didn't really receive much second half play with them in the 2 minute offense for most of the second half. Basically the opposite game script of what I needed. I did advance to my league Super Bowl in 2 other leagues, one is a money leagie, one is not. It will be a tough matchup this week but I'm at least guaranteed $50, if I win it's $200. Not earth shattering money but still pretty nice.
  2. That would be great if he gets back for Thursday night.
  3. I could win several hundred dollars, that's the appeal for me. It's about the prize, and taking money from your friends and then lording it over them, lol. I have a chance to have my best fantasy football year ever. In 4 leagues, I am in the playoffs in three of them. One of those is a 12-team with a 3-week playoff system, and I won my first round last week. Tonight will be close, I am down about 13 points but I have Rob Kelley going, it's also a half-point PPR. If I get a good game from him and Gano doesn't do much, I punch my ticket to my league Super Bowl. In another league, I got the top seed and am up 15 points, with 0 players to play tonight. My opponent has Jordan Reed. Crossing fingers, I estimate I'm about a 65% favorite, but Reed has had big games before. In the last league, it's not for money, but a trophy with some friends, and I've pretty much dominated the entire year, and I already vanquished my first round opponent, 173.55 - 129.10. I will go into the championship as a fairly heavy favorite. Would love to get 3 out of 4 championships, we'll see what happens.
  4. Kennard has played well. Robinson has been very, very good. Casillas has made plays. The Giants have allowed only 3 TDs to tight ends on the season, the 5th fewest in the NFL. Part of that is Landon Collins, part of that is the linebackers. To be fair, they've also allowed the 6th most yards in the NFL to TEs. But I'd rather it be more yards and fewer TDs than the reverse, and I think most of you would agree. Really the only tight ends that have had big yardage games against us this season have been Ladarius Green (110), Eifert (96), and Ertz (97). They also have allowed the 5th fewest rushing yards per game in the NFL at 90.1 yards per game, and have allowed only 9 rushing TDs, only 7 other teams have allowed fewer. They have played great team defense, the linebackers have certainly been overshadowed by the seasons that Collins, Jenkins, Vernon, Snacks, and JPP (pre-injury) have been having, but every game you see them making big plays. They have a number of them that will be free agents after the season and they need to bring a couple of these guys back. Robinson, Sheppard, Herzlich, and Pinkins will all be free agents. Several others after the 2017 season. I would like Robinson and possibly Herzlich (special teams/depth) back for next year.
  5. Several people said he was very overrated.
  6. WTF, haha. That's hilarious. Here's an extension. You're fired!
  7. I wouldn't give up on Richburg at this point. And I think Pugh, who I think you may be discounting a bit because we've been missing him for a few weeks, is an 'A' player at LG. Jerry, yeah, we could use a guy there but I think he's good for the immediate future. But LT is my premium upgrade on this line. Move Flowers to RT and hope to hell he has more success there, and I wouldn't be opposed to upgrading RG.
  8. Giants are unlikely to financially go where Alshon or B-Marsh would take them. Draft a guy, and sign a guy. A guy like Floyd would be a stop-gap for whoever we draft, and would be had for around the $5 mil range. He doesn't have to be the "man" here, but he would help OBJ as long as he doesn't get hurt. I would prefer a Brandon Marshall, sure, but you can't have a team full of players making north of $10 mil per.
  9. That defense doesn't have a lot of great players outside of Sean Lee but they are extremely well-coached and their defensive game plans and play-calling are very, very good. Rod Marinelli is maybe the best defensive coordinator in football, and I love Spags. I think people have been under-estimating their defense all year. They aren't the '85 Bears but they aren't pushovers.
  10. More Vereen and Perkins, less Jennings, please.
  11. 12-4! I don't see the Giants devoting another mega-deal to JPP after doing so with Vernon. And what to do with Hankins? Need him as well, and he won't be cheap.
  12. We have our MLB of the future in Goodson. He is going to be a great pro. In the meantime, Robinson is playing well. Although Robinson and Sheppard are free agents after this season. I think Robinson should be a priority re-signing. Casillas, Kennard, and J.T. Thomas are still under contract but all of them will be entering contract years next season. Herzlich will be a free agent after this year. He's a good special teamer and I wouldn't be opposed bringing him back at the min. Draft a linebacker if the value is there, but I think they should target the weakside linebacker spot, because I believe Goodson is the long term answer. At Center and Guard, you're kidding right? Those positions are the strength of the OL. Richburg is still a top-quality center, and Jerry has had a very good season, and Pugh an even better one. Hart has developed into a steady RT, but on the line, they need to upgrade LT and then move Flowers to the right side, make Hart the swing tackle. Newhouse and Beatty are free agents after this season. At RB, I think we do need to get another guy to complement Perkins. There are a lot of great choices this year and I think very good, tough, between the tackles runners will be found in the 4th round or even later. Not sure where he's going yet, but I am a big fan of Gallman from Clemson as a fit for the Giants. To me, the priority positions for the Giants are WR (replace Cruz on the outside), DE if JPP walks in free agency, LT, and DT if Hankins is not re-signed. In the next two drafts, they need to get a replacement to groom for life after Eli. They will also need another corner for depth, and probably another swing DT. I highly doubt the Giants will re-sign both Hankins and JPP. I hope they find a way, but if they let one of them walk, they need an impact player to step in next year, and I'm not sure if they have that guy on the roster.
  13. How many slot receivers can we have on one team? Pass. Need a big physical guy opposite OBJ.
  14. Pretty consistent rule... if the D-line jumps in the neutral zone, and it causes an O-lineman to jump, or even if O-lineman reaches out and touches D-lineman in the neutral zone, the play is automatically dead, and it's a neutral zone infraction or encroachment. D-lineman jumps in the neutral zone, and nobody else on offense jumps pre-snap, the player has the opportunity to get back before the snap, and if he doesn't, it's a free play and an offsides penalty. There's nothing wrong with that rule.
  15. And now it's an indefinite suspension. Career over. Good job, buddy.
  16. You must have video footage or some other evidence nobody knows about. Amazing all those women just came forward a couple of weeks before the general election. It's not like Trump wasn't running for President for a year and a half before then. Oh wait. Lawsuits dropped pretty quick after Nov. 8th. Just a coincidence, though. Hey, did Roethlisberger tell you himself he raped that girl? No? Smart people, which I think you are one, don't convict people through accusations and the press.
  17. They have a great defense. A great defense is a big part of the equation and covers for a lot of ills. I don't think they have all the pieces yet on offense. But they will be a threat simply because the defense can stop teams.
  18. Yeah I just want to focus on Cinci. But I do think we win this game. At home, and I like our matchups. Defense is playing well, and Dalton going up against good defenses turns the ball over. We have been good against the run. We lose if we don't slow their pass rush and Eli turns the ball over and we lose turnover margin. I am constantly impressed by Geno Atkins. I think he's up there among the best pass-rushin DTs in the game. Carlos Dunlap is also underrated. They have a very physical defense with Burfict and George Iloka. It will be interesting to see how our more finesse offense does against their physicality. So we will see, but I think the Giants win this game by 10. Then it's the Bears in NJ, then the Browns in Cleveland. Tough games after that but I think 10-6 should be the low-goal, and I think the Giants are very capable of going 7-1 the rest of the way and winning the division.
  19. Looks like Pdub beat me... again! Mods, please delete.
  20. Four games, per Schefter (Twitter). Follow Adam SchefterVerified account‏@AdamSchefter Bears WR Alshon Jeffery suspended four games for violating its PED policy.
  21. Ugh. What is it with us not being able to keep our free safeties healthy?
  22. Not sure why he crapped on Eli... neither of those INTs were on him. Somebody get that man a Vodka.
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