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  1. I haven't really been watching lately. i just haven't given a shit. There are a ton of things I'd rather be doing.
  2. I mean, from waht I saw (when I wasn't focused on working late night) was that they showed some fight. Those interceptions killed and not being able to run it in with Barkley at the goal line fucking killed. I feel like we need a tight-end that can actually block though.... and not Engram.
  3. We really need to beef up that offensive line and get them going for the run game. Didn't Big Ben have more running yards than Barkley?
  4. What a shame. Thought they were playing well in the beginning and then shit the bed.
  5. Daniel Jones is impressing me as well. I am really enjoying watching him play.
  6. The run game is so bad. Can we just get a Tight end that can block and help out out there?
  7. I like this guy Bradberry a bit, he's made some really hot plays. Although, was he the one who lost Schumaker? Idk how to spell his damn name.
  8. I think hype media gets to you. I got so mad because I knew so many people were angry about it. I am hoping for big things.
  9. I am actually offended the Giants have never had a female QB start before. At least the Cowboys did it, they are truly a class act.
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