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  1. Reuben Foster of Alabama is the best linebacker I think I've ever seen.
  2. I agree with much of what Seph wrote, specifically about the power running game. But absolutely agree with Pdouble that JPP is a must re-sign. The Giants should have a lot of cap room again. And I hope JPP really wants to come back to the Giants. I think he will. I also think that it's a possibility that another team could drop a ton of money on him that the Giants may flinch at matching. We could survive losing JPP, but he is a special talent that doesn't come around often. I would think he would want to stay given how this defense is now loaded and there is a window here to establish some dominance. We really missed JPP yesterday. He would've made a big difference. As for FB... Will Johnson is under contract for 2017, and I think he comes back and solves that position for next year, anyway. Need someone to play Brandon Jacobs to Paul Perkins' Ahmad Bradshaw.
  3. What halpens when you use your first round pick on OL and he isn't ready or never becomes the OL you thought? Like what may be happening with Flowers? Then we are right back to where we started. If Eli has another playmaker, it WILL help the Giants immeasurably and immediately. I like Njoku and think he would help, but I also like Jerrell Adams. But I think Njoku has the chance to play out wide, also. Interesting player. I want the Giants to get OL in free agency. Get some guys in middle rounds. But they desperately need another playmaker to help Eli, specifically a red zone threat, too, and someone who can get deep. Njoku and Davis, Mike Williams, Courtland Sutton, those guys fit the bill.
  4. McAdoo called a shitty game today. But I did not feel that his play-calling was a major problem for most of the season. I felt that execution was poor, I felt that we couldn't run the ball at all or give Eli time, and I felt that we had a lot of penalties on the offensive line, especially with Flowers. I did not feel that MacAttack's play-calling was an issue. Talent was.
  5. No, it wouldn't. He would be a physical presence, a deep threat, and a good red zone target, all needed. And most importantly, it would make defenses play OBJ straight up more often, something sorely needed. Happy with what Cruz did in his time here, but he is going to be gone, he has played his last game as a Giant, and you have to replace him with a player that the opposing D-coordinator has to think twice about sticking one guy on him and shading the rest of the defense to Odell's side. Like OBJ, Davis has the YAC ability to make a lot happen with those 3 yard slants, and he's a downfield threat. This offense needs another 2 playmakers that can hurt teams. One of them is clearly the WR spot opposite Odell.
  6. Corey Davis. 6'3", 213 lbs WR from Western Michigan Big believer in this guy, would transform the offense. Double Davis or OBJ? Both? Ok, Shepard, Adams, and Perkins will eat up the middle of the defense. Pick your poison. Recommend muting for the video below. But they do need to address LT. Hoping for this to be done in free agency, a proven veteran. Move Flowers to the right side.
  7. Had a helluva year. Looks like a future HOF'er.
  8. I think it's a fair argument that ODB was not a first teamer. The differences between him, Julio, Brown, and I'd even include Jordy and Evans in that mix... pretty negligible. I'd have Brown and Odell as my top two. If only because Julio had just 6 TD's, and missed a couple of games. I put more emphasis on TD's than yards. I could make a pretty good case for the top two receivers really being Mike Evans and OBJ. Evans led the NFL in first downs, 4th in yards, and tied for second in TDs with 12. Odell's 10 TD's were 5th, but he had plays that won games virtually by his own athleticism and YAC. He was 3rd in first downs and 3rd in yards. But that group is so close together, I don't think you can get too upset about the order the finish in with respect to the voting. Janoris Jenkins got jobbed. There is no way you can tell me he wasn't one of the top 3 cornerbacks in the NFL this year.
  9. My concern is that they cut him for cap space after next season. I hope that is not the case. Would be great to have that trio play the next 44 games or so together.
  10. Definitely. That could've been a deadly combo. David Wilson's spinal stenosis, as a fan, has been the biggest, saddest "what if" injury. That guy was destined for superstardom.
  11. Nice... I won one Championship, lost the Championship game in one of my money leagues, came in 3rd in another, and finished 7th out of 10th in another league (but did have a respectable 6-8 record).
  12. No longer the secondaries coach: http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/18413596/joe-barry-washington-redskins-defensive-coordinator
  13. Yeah I'm hoping for one more year with this trio. And then hopefully they can get a guy through the draft or something that surprises.
  14. Love these... this is pretty funny.
  15. Lol what did those OSU corners do against Clemson? Apple is a stud and will soon be one of the best in the NFL. WHAT he#s done as a rookie has been very impressive and there's no do it right now he was a better choice than Hargreaves.
  16. Lol, Barry Sanders never had much of a line to run behind, Nas. But I think this team needs a good FB and blocking TE to help. The line could get better but I also think losing Will Johnson hurt us.
  17. Jack brought it on himself. I actually think he enjoyed the flames. Think he left after most people just started to ignore him.
  18. That would be ideal. I'd also much rather us go to Detroit.
  19. That play where Eli fumbled wasn't a slide and that was the distinction. He kind of awkwardly fell front first on his chest area and lost the ball. The slide is a clear give yourself up play. Shepard should've got the call, but the game was still winnable. Lots of missed sacks, throws, and drops. Eli over threw on what, at least three would-be TD throws? Short armed a few other throws. And the protection was spotty.
  20. Snacks has been a pass disruptor also. Just hasn't been getting a lot of sacks. I agree, 7 sacks is great, and I think I was thinking of Fletcher Cox, who, by his standards, is not having his best year. I'm still siding with Snacks and that may just be my bias but I think he's been only outdone at the DT position this year by Donald.
  21. Actually McCoy hasn't been all that. Donald yes. Snacks has been much better than McCoy.
  22. Thanks. Feel pretty good. In the money league championship game I'm in, I'm going up against my brother-in-law, who is an enormous Packers fan. He has two team defenses on his team... Vikings going up against his Packers and the Panthers, at home against the Falcons... I saw the Packers DEF sitting out their on waivers, so I used my top waiver priority to pick them up... not to play them, I'm going with the Giants vs Philly... but just so he couldn't pick them up and play them against me, lol. I'm waiting for him to call me out on it.
  23. I feel sorry for the Eagles' interior O-line tomorrow night. Snacks is going to be unblockable. Vernon definitely got snubbed, too. Hope he uses that as additional motivation as well. I think it's fair that DRC didn't make it, because Jenkins has been pretty much assigned to the opponent's top receiver all year, and you can only have so many Pro Bowlers.
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