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  1. Mike McGlinchey sounds like a OT name, right?
  2. I agree with a good deal of this post, but this part right here...Flowers is already getting Eli killed. I honestly don't think Wheeler can be worse than Flowers. The mistake would be to continue on as if Flowers is going to eventually be a good LT. Just because he improved a little bit in the second half, I'd give Flowers one more game there. ONE more. That's it. If he can't do the job, they have to put someone else there. I don't care if it's Wheeler or Pugh, but Flowers is a problem.
  3. I strongly disagree. He made 2 good plays, mostly got swallowed up and taken out of plays in the run game. He can't blockshed for shit.
  4. Sam Darnold, QB, USC...if there's a shot to get him you go for it.
  5. Look, there is a very consistent problem with 3rd or 4th and gotta have it and the Giants throwing short of the first down. It's reached embarrassing levels when all you need is 3 effing yards and you throw short. Pathetic football. McAdoo should fire himself.
  6. I thought when Engram broke the tackle he was going to get there. Barely miss the first down, get burned on the punt return TD.
  7. At least there were some signs of life on that drive. Oh yeah, hey guys.
  8. Correct, just saying these players were available when they took Davis. Personally, I wanted them to take Perine there, would've been happy with D'Onta Foreman also, but I acknowledge that Foreman they might've known was a character flag (weapons, drug charges in July).
  9. I know you're on board with Webb. I'm not saying I'm not...but there is a very real chance he'll never play for the Giants. He's unlikely to this year and probably not next, and if we're really going in for another Lombardi, we could've used that pick for another talent to help now.
  10. That's why my top two choices in the draft were Bolles and Ramczyk. Both are starting LTs right now. Bolles has looked really good for the Broncos, btw. We didn't have a shot at him without trading up, but we could've taken Ramczyk. Ramczyk held Everson Griffen to 0 sacks and 0 pressures week 1. I do like Engram, a lot. But he isn't going to help our team more than a real LT would who would stalemate pressure from the blindside. As for what they saw in Flowers? Power. He absolutely destroyed guys. Physically dominant. But I'll be honest, I mostly saw that in the run game in his college, and we don't really try to run the ball for some crazy reason. The organization continues to make picks that are fine in a bubble, but do nothing to really help the team. Engram was supposed to be the seam buster in this offense. Week 1, they don't run him up the seam at all. What the fuck. Also, here is a short list of RB's the Giants could've taken instead of Davis Webb: D'Onta Foreman Jamaal Williams Tarik Cohen Marlon Mack James Conner Samaje Perine Donnell Pumphrey Some of those guys I woudn't have taken before Gallman, so I don't want to be too much of a MMQB, and I do like Gallman. But Foreman has the look of the power back we really could use. So does Perine. This team needs to run the ball with authority, and it's criminal that McAdoo would prefer to throw two and three yard dinks and dunks when you can get that through a power running game. Vast improvement by Flowers will make this all moot, but I don't know how anyone can see that happening at this point. He's had a LOT of time.
  11. I 1000% agree. The level of denial of many Giants' fans regarding Eli is reaching face-palm worthy levels. You can plainly see he is legit terrible, he is, as you said, playing scared. The line isn't All-Pro, but about 28-30 other starting QB's could work with what the Giants have and produce better results than what we saw last night. That's not an exaggeration, he is a bad quarterback right now.
  12. Here's the thing, Seph...all those other guys you are talking about, players that have done worse things, right...they were suspended and sometimes paid other penalties, such as legal, and they all admit their mistakes and acknowledge the wrong they did. Americans are a pretty forgiving people. But not if you don't acknowledge your wrongdoing, and certainly not if you continue with the negative behavior. But Kaep makes no apologies, continues to fight his fight, and has not suffered any penalty except he can no longer find a job in the NFL. There's the other element at play in which so many people who love the game can't afford to go to a game, and this rich man who would likely only have attained his wealth in this country, disrespects the country. People have a hard time with that.
  13. Why do people keep saying Kaep exercised his rights? Nobody's disputing that he has a right to do it, it doesn't mean that his opinion and stance is one that people are going to not only not agree with, but find loathsome. Great, we've established he's within his rights and he has a conviction. But there is a lot more people that think his conviction and method of protest are hostile to what they believe. And they are well within their rights to say so as well, and to let the league owners know what signing him would mean for their continued enjoyment, or lack thereof, of their product.
  14. Thing is, teams can overcome a below-average OL and win. The Giants OL last year was worse than what they have this year, and they won 11 games. What you can't overcome is a bad secondary. Giants fans know. We remember C.C. Brown. It's funny hearing Eagles' fans with their confidence this year. They think they got so much better. Well, the whole league got better. That's the point. Teams try to improve year to year. The Giants added two very valuable weapons on offense and now have a more dynamic running game by letting go of Jennings and turning the keys over to Paul Perkins and Wayne Gallman. I like Blount and all. And Jeffery is a nice player when he's healthy, But that defense is going to be roasted if they can't cover. That's @ fatal flaw. You can overcome pass pro deficiencies by getting the ball out quick, or devoting an extra blocker, or running the ball effectively. You can't overcome a secondary that can't cover. And that's why the Eagles are screwed.
  15. Yeah they whiffed on that analysis. Jason Peters is old, btw. So, so old.
  16. Good one, Nas. Reading material for BronxEagle: https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-ranking-all-32-nfl-teams-secondaries-heading-into-the-2017-season
  17. I think his ongoing iron Man streak will be as much a reason he gets in as the passing numbers. But I hope he solidifies it with a great year and a third Super Bowl.
  18. I think we already know how, buddy.
  19. Nothing against you but PFT is about a month late on this story. It was pretty well-known in OTAs this is what they were doing: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/giants/10-learned-giants-offseason-ota-program-article-1.3235182
  20. Taylor had 7 sacks in a part time role in 2015. Yes, he had a bad year last year. But he is really long, the prototype the Giants like. 6'7" 266 lbs. Last year he was the starter. This year he won't be. If he doesn't perform, he'll be behind Okwara and Avery Moss. This is a good signing, at least to have that depth going into camp. Really low risk, big upside. Hodges is not that great. He MAYBE would've been our 5th best linebacker on the team (big maybe). If he was that great, he would've been signed back near the start of free agency, not at the end of May.
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